Sunday, August 16, 2009

Auction over

Today I'm setting in the woods recovering from the auction and after effects.

The sharks came in with teeth and stripped the building to the bare walls. No mercy given, take no prisoners, steal everything. $.10 on the dollar used to be the norm. $.03 on the dollar seemed to be the new standard. But guess what? I WIN. Everything in the shop was paid for, and I hope the winners can use what they got for as long as time allows. My knowledge leaves with me, and I could always do it again. Ya right.

I have no debt, no condo, no shop, no OBLIGATIONS to no one but me. PRICELESS.

Nanny government please kiss my a**, no more taxes from me. I often wonder how local governments, and the feds can be so stupid to tax small business's out of business. The taxes they took could have gone to three more employee's wages, whose taxes would have covered what they took from the business, and three more people would have been employed. But what do I know? I guess I still care, but that to will pass.

Monday I turn off the power, and phone. I have been living out of the camper since the condo sold, and am quite used to the new life style, so nothing new in that respect. Damn sure saving lots of money. No light bill, no property taxes,no phone bills. Just the overhead from the shop for one month will provide enough money for me to last 6 months in my new life style. And I can move anytime I like. Even if gas were to go to $5.00 a gallon I don't care. I would just stay in one place longer, my own paid for un-improved land.

To you preppers stay the course-it can be done. I have done it. Freedom is still alive.

To those wishing to continue the norm-pay off everything, and stay debt free. Good luck.

To my friends in the blog world-one day I may pull up in your drive way.

See Ya

See Ya


Brigid said...

Best of luck to you in the new adventure!!

TEAM HALL said...

Here's to new beginnings!!!

Grace. said...

I've gone to a few auctions, and they always make me sad--for exactly the reasons you are expressing. But at least for you, there's freedom to be had at the end of it. As for all that travel--just how far away from that pretty red toy are you planning to get?

Sandcastle Momma said...

Congratulations - You have arrived!
I can't even imagine how good being completely free must feel. One day I'll be there but in the mean time I'll be following your adventure.

Did it MY way said...

Thanks to all. I feel GOOD.

Grace: That pretty red toy can be pulled by my camper in an enclosed trailer for the long trips.

See ya

HermitJim said...

I am so glad for you, buddy! You are welcome in my driveway any old time, my friend!

Enjoy your coffee in the woods!

Borepatch said...

You're welcome to pull up in my drive anytime.