Sunday, August 30, 2009

Range Time Monday-An all day job

Enough said.

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Electricity for the garage

Electricity for the garage is progressing slowly. First of all running the conduit thru the attic all the way across my daughters house took a toll on this old body. Damn I'm not 30 any more. Hot, Hot, Hot. Took 6 cold drinks to go from the garage up the attic and across the house. But juice to the Toy Box is required. Not only does it store the "Red Hot Momma" I intend to put a small lathe, and mill in to. Equipment to have just in case. We have a generator, but only as a back up. What a man won't do for his car. But let me tell you something about my special car.

She is a 1964 Corvette Convertible. Riverside Red, black top, and black interior. Her nick name was "Red Hot Momma". She was sold in Detroit Michigan on April 1st 1964 to my dad. Motor is a 327, with the 2 speed slush box.(Mom could not drive a stick). I was 23, and being a child of the 50's and living in Michigan going fast was a way of life. My ride at the time was a 289 three speed Mustang. My dad's vette ate me alive. I kidded him when I said leave me the vette in your will.

In 1969 my brother stole the vette from my parents, and ended up in California. They did not recover the car for a year. When it did return it was missing more than a few parts, and the interior was trashed. Since my parents refused to press charges their insurance paid nothing. Plus my dad had fallen on hard times work wise. My parents had always been frugal, and the Corvette was their reward. He put the Corvette in the garage. The car was still drive able, but my dad was a neat freak. That car would not leave the garage until it looked like the day he drove it home. He started saving dollar bills in an envelope he called his car fund. For his birthday , and Christmas he requested $10.00(nothing more would be accepted)in one dollar bills. During the next 10 years I had offered to help with the money to repair the car. My dad always refused saying he never bought me a car, so I could not buy him one.

In 1980 "Red Hot Momma" drove out of the garage looking as good as the day my dad brought her home. It took my dad 10 years to save the money for the repairs. I was so proud of my dad.
In 2003 my dad was diagnosed with lung cancer, and given 3 months to live. I owned my own business at the time, and took off for the time he had left. We spent 24/7 together. That was the best three months of my life. When he knew time was short he told me to take good care of "Red Hot Momma", and handed me the keys. So you see there is nothing to good for "Red Hot Momma". She has always been garage stored, and washed and waxed every week. So when I closed my shop she HAD to have an adequate home.

Since my name is the same as my dad's, I have not needed a new title, so the car is still a one owner. I know my dad is proud the car will be taken care of, and every time I drive it he rides with me.

God Bless

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Helping those that deserve it

When the shop was still operating we always had people come by to check out the dumpster for metal scraps. Normally this occurred after hours. It seemed there has been an increase of this activity.

I was always the first to arrive since I liked a cup of fresh coffee, and some quiet time before the normal routine started. That was how I met Mark. Skinny guy, unkempt beard, just wearing a beat up pair of shorts, and tennis shoes. He was pushing a shopping cart with two garbage cans, and a variety of buckets strapped to it. The amazing part was the broom and shovel. When he completed his chip removal from the dumpster he swept up any that fell to the ground. His haul was separated by material, and size.

Talking to him showed he was intelligent, hardworking, proud, and polite. I know he would have made some-one a very good employee. I told him I would save all our chips, and scrap in garbage cans in the shop, and he was to come in each day and get them. When he did I had him sweep up around the machines and gave him $20.00. He said the chips were enough and the money was not necessary.

I asked him one day if he lived close by, and he replied that he was homeless and lived in the woods. I had a tent stored from camping years ago, and asked if he would like to have it.

He told me a couple of days later how nice it was to have a place to sleep that did not leak. We are in the rainy season here in Florida and it rains every day. Sometimes very hard.

After the auction was over and the shop cleaned out Mark came by to thank me for the scrap I had saved for him. That's when I had an idea. The building is in foreclosure, and I have no idea what or when something will happen to it. The water has been shut off since mid February. Everything sold at auction including the air condition system. I know how hot that cement building gets in the Summer without air as I endured the heat for three years before I could afford it.

I told Mark he could have the use of my unit until somebody made him leave. I bought him a box fan, and an electric fry pan, groceries, and 20 gallons of water in the one gallon size. I told him that the electric will still be on for at least 6 months. I know the cost and paid at least that amount in advance. I still have the company name, and mail so that will not be a problem.
The toilet works, as long has you fill the tank. At least he can have a dry safe place to stay for awhile.

It breaks my heart to see one American person homeless. If each of us would just help one person in what ever way possible to make their life a little easier?

He never asked for charity, worked every day, and only asked for something I threw away. To the best of my knowledge he does not drink,smoke, nor stand on a street corner begging with a cardboard sign.

But for the grace of God go I.

God Bless

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Thursday, August 20, 2009


Four days without TV. What a pleasure it has been. Turn yours off just for a day, and feel the joy. The silence is golden. Lack of knowledge from the government? Didn't need it. Commercials? Only for idiots? Don't need them. The radio is for country music. Now if I can only get rid of the commercials.

Being free from being a wage slave is the nicest gift I could have ever received. Should have done it years ago. Work to live, not live to work. Do you really need that big flat screen TV, the five bedroom house, four bathrooms, that new SUV every two years? My current "House" is 20' long, and 8' wide. Has a king size bed,bath & shower,fridge,stove,micro-wave,ac, it's own power plant for electricity, and the best part it moves anytime I want it to. In the last four days I have lived in Naples, and Clear water. Tomorrow it will be North port(very nice gun range there) After the range time perhaps bass fishing. This because I am debt free.

People I beg of you-shed the past life of spending more than you make. Tear up the credit cards and return to cash only. Cash is king. If you don't have it you can't spend it. Big item-save for it. I took a 38k lose on the condo, pennies on the shop auction. I was able to do this because I OWNED everything free and clear. Regrets? Not a one. Down size to a smaller house, buy a used car, learn to grow some of your own food, plan for the time you can get along on the minimum amount of cash to live a good life. The time you have free for yourself will be priceless. Just think about getting up on your natural rhythm(not by an alarm clock). Eating when you feel hungry, being able to devote your time to just what you want to do. I could gone on and on but I think you get the idea. Yes I know my new lifestyle is not for every one-but it works for me.

See Ya

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Auction over

Today I'm setting in the woods recovering from the auction and after effects.

The sharks came in with teeth and stripped the building to the bare walls. No mercy given, take no prisoners, steal everything. $.10 on the dollar used to be the norm. $.03 on the dollar seemed to be the new standard. But guess what? I WIN. Everything in the shop was paid for, and I hope the winners can use what they got for as long as time allows. My knowledge leaves with me, and I could always do it again. Ya right.

I have no debt, no condo, no shop, no OBLIGATIONS to no one but me. PRICELESS.

Nanny government please kiss my a**, no more taxes from me. I often wonder how local governments, and the feds can be so stupid to tax small business's out of business. The taxes they took could have gone to three more employee's wages, whose taxes would have covered what they took from the business, and three more people would have been employed. But what do I know? I guess I still care, but that to will pass.

Monday I turn off the power, and phone. I have been living out of the camper since the condo sold, and am quite used to the new life style, so nothing new in that respect. Damn sure saving lots of money. No light bill, no property taxes,no phone bills. Just the overhead from the shop for one month will provide enough money for me to last 6 months in my new life style. And I can move anytime I like. Even if gas were to go to $5.00 a gallon I don't care. I would just stay in one place longer, my own paid for un-improved land.

To you preppers stay the course-it can be done. I have done it. Freedom is still alive.

To those wishing to continue the norm-pay off everything, and stay debt free. Good luck.

To my friends in the blog world-one day I may pull up in your drive way.

See Ya

See Ya

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New Toy Box Finished

I won't bore you with the 10,000 pics of construction....maybe 100 anyway, because I'm to busy with the auction people. Tomorrow is the day. Got my rabbit's foot and the good wishes from Brigid, so how can I go wrong.
See Ya

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Quick Up Date

Very short of time. Need 31 hours in each day. All things coming together at same time.

That should be a good thing.

Garage was put up in less than 6 hours. Garage door will be installed 8/10/09. Corvette now has a new home.

I finally gave in and joined the 20Th century-I now have my first cell phone, so my kids can keep track of their feeble old man. The past cell phone was for the company, and I only used it to make outgoing calls, so they could never reach me on that one. Ha Ha.

Shop for all practical reasons is shut down. The auction men were in today and spread out everything and posted lot numbers on everything, so no more machines running. Boring.
Just here now for 8 hours a day to answer phone calls.

Pictures of garage construction will be posted later. No pics of shop, or the auction will be taken. I'll keep the memories of a full operating shop instead-happy days make better memories.

See Ya