Thursday, July 2, 2009


All is not right in paradise. I feel like the state of Florida is becomming a commie state.

July 1st added another $1.00 a pack cigarette tax. Ya I know sin tax-MAKE me quit smoking. How would you golfers like to pay an extra $1.00 for each golf ball? It's still called freedom, and the nanny government keeps taking it away piece by piece.

July 1st Florida lawmen can now pull you over for not wearing your seat belt-fine $101.00 Heard a small clip of the news on my way home from work last night that they wrote 200 tickets first day.$20,200.00 for the state of Florida. Damn nice paycheck for one day. Of the 200 violators non of them lost their life for not wearing a seat belt, and no seat belts were hurt in the excerise.

After I got home,and released myself from the straight jacket-aka seat belt I jumped on my motorcycle and took a short freedom ride. God freedom is wonderful.

See ya


Sandcastle Momma said...

Enjoy that motorcycle - you know those have to be next.

As a long time smoker I know I need to quit but it really burns me up that the government has taken it upon themselves to see that I do.

HermitJim said...

That's the main reason I started making my own cigs...and then got popped with a HUGE tax increase on loose tobacco!

Went from 10$ a can to $19 a can in just one hike! And look what happened to Wretha...our fellow blogger that was buying them from overseas!

It sucks all over!

Grace. said...

Sorry, but you're not getting sympathy from this corner. I will defend your right to be a smoker (so long as it's not in MY house!) but I have no problem with extra taxes on cigarettes. However, it's not like my particular sins aren't taxed as well--I live in a city famous for craft beers, which, as of July 1st, now cost more thanks to an increased tax. I'm not thrilled, but I do think it's a fairer way to raise revenue than increasing income taxes or sales taxes.