Monday, June 8, 2009

Used to be steel and wood-now black & plastic

I planned to spend the week-end in the woods. That is until my son reminded me of the gun show in Tampa. Well the last one had nothing of of interest(UN godly prices),and no ammo to speak of. But wtf it's a gun show. The law is if there is a gun show your attendance is mandatory. Just like driving a convertible(top down except in rain), and yes lower them side windows.

Back to the gun show. I did go to the woods, but promised my son I'd pick him up Sunday morning. We arrived just as the parking gates opened. About 5Th in line-got front row parking, but still had to wait for another half hour for the show gates to open. We made a good choice to stand in line at the gate. Before the gates opened there was probably 150 people already backed up.

Ticket gates opened, and guess what-you are right-stand in another line to get into the show after walking what seems two miles to the gun show building. I'm getting to old for this shit.(need a service golf cart) Doors opened five minutes late, and the flood of bodies flowed in.

Did I wake up in Black Plastic Hell? Seems the entire show was Glock, and AR-15's. Row after row after row. Did I do something very wrong in my childhood to deserve this punishment?
Ah but looking very closely on the second pass around little gems of stainless, and blued wheel guns,semi-auto's, my beloved 1911's,appeared in very small spots. Time for serious hunting now. I refuse to pay $1200.00 for a Python, since I already own two. This price continues thru-out the hunt.

Then the Gun Show God's smiled down on me. In a glass case at the end of Glock row there appeared a beautiful Colt Mustang 380. My son's favorite carry in hot weather. His is showing wear, and this one could be a nice Father's gift for him. Asking the price however blew the deal out of the water. $1400.00 for a 380? Not on my watch. However also in the case is a Browning Buckmark 22 semi-automatic. Now this is a brand I have collected for many years. My heart, and wallet was flapping. Asking the vendor to see the gun I noticed that a scope mount was on the top(meaning no rear sight) Asking if he might have the rear sight he replied no-since 22's were not his forte. When I turned over the price tag my wallet just came flying out of my pants. I did not even ask for a better price. The price you ask? $150.00 And it's a real steel and wood target grip BROWING. There really is a Gun Show God for this old man.

After a couple of cigarettes, and a Pepsi we went back inside to look for reloading supplies. Got lucky again-found the powder I needed at fair price(no ripe off like primers), and yes I bought more than I would usually buy. So hate me. I shoot at least 200-400 rounds a week at the range, so I did not buy it just to hoard.

My son wandered away while I was finishing the purchase, and when I caught up to him he had a very unique weapon in his hand. He said Dad this has your name on it.In his hand was a "Taurus" Judge. It has a cylinder that looked 5 miles long and shoots a .410, and the 45 long colt. Damn why couldn't Smith & Wesson make this. I am NOT a fan of Taurus. I'm a sucker for odd ball weapons for my collection. Like my stainless .30 Auto-mag pistol, and my .30 Carbine pistols.

Yes I bought the damn thing. Now I have to find 45 long colt ammo. Found that to-but paid high dollar. But I will have 300 cases to re-load after firing what was purchased.

All in all I did add a nice Browning to my collection, and a wonderful day spent with my son.

Next Sunday-range time!

See Ya


HermitJim said...

Sounds like a good time was had by all! That's the main thing, having a day with the son!

Maitreya said...

The Taurus judge looks like a nice gun, I've heard good things about them. Let me know how she shoots.