Monday, June 22, 2009

Love and Children and Freedom

Spent Friday, Saturday, and half of Sunday in the woods.

Enjoyed Sunday afternoon with my son & daughter treating me to "Father's Day".

Realized that with modern technology you can hide out in the woods without anyone knowing that is where you are at. Lap top with Verizon air card keeps me hooked to the modern world. However it does have a good off button, so when I want my privacy "off" works real well.

My children remember well the travel trailer we had in the woods when they were growing up. Every weekend we would leave the city for the "woods". The dark nights made the stars so bright you thought you could reach up and touch them. Camp fires until 3am, hiking, fishing, and some of the best times were had. The best part was that we were basically cut of from the rest of the world. Dependant on what we had, and our own ability. Yes there was a town 35 miles away, but no neighbors with-in 10 miles. We used to joke about how long we could survive living off the land.

So why do my children criticize my desire to do this full time? My camper van is a rolling house with ALL the comforts they have in their house. King size bed, toilet, shower, air conditioning, refrigerator, stove, micro-way, coffee pot, battery back-up, and a generator. Now that I think of it my camper has more than the house does.

So since Sunday was my day I decided to ask my kids point blank why they did not like the idea. Well point blank their reason was that they would miss me to much. We have always been a close loving family, and became even closer after my wife died. Every Monday I have dinner at my daughters, and there are the range days, and fishing trips with my son.

So we have decided to start off slow. I'll start with being gone for a month, and then return for a month, and see how that goes. I do love my children, but I love my freedom to. Damn how to handle this?

August first is day one of freedom.

See ya


HermitJim said...

Although it's a dilemma, I think the solution you have stated is a good one. It's nice to know that they would miss you so much, but the old saying that "If you love something, let it go!" comes to mind.

I feel that we have to live our later years doing what we can to make ourselves feel as content as we can. Not because we are selfish, but because we want to have the peace of mind it brings and the fulfilment that comes with the doing.

I hope that makes sense...

Grace. said...

LOL--maybe you could start a compound with "kiddy-campers" for the rest of the family. Though that might defeat your intial purpose of gaining some solitude. It's nice to hear about your family and how close they are.

Did it MY way said...

Thanks for the input Jim;

The bad part is living in Florida. You see the same stuff going and comming each time. I need to convince the kids to move to the Georgia line. lol

Plus they know the old man-When I make a plan I never look back. Moved from Michigan 28 years ago, so maybe it's my fault.

Did it MY way said...

Hi Grace;

Funny you should mention the compound. Both my kids have trailers, and we usually always camp together when they can get the time off. That's the problem-I can take more time off than they can. lol

We will work it out. Thanks for stopping by.

Sandcastle Momma said...

It is a dilema but what a sweet one. There are a lot of Dad's out there who's children would love to see them head into the woods and never come out. Who knows - it might not be too long before they join you and don't want to come out of the woods either LOL