Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Back-up Back-up Back-up Back-up

In the world of computers the first thing all idiots that use them need to learn is the fact that they break.

I am an idiot. I keep forgetting that computers break. I must be suffering from ICRS. So with my feeble brain I try my best to remember the "gospel" back-up your info. How do I do that? I have an external hard drive, three computers, and a dozen data travel 2g flash sticks.

Well this morning my number one computer continued to freeze up about every five minutes forcing a re-boot, and really pissed me off because of the time factor involved. So take it out of the system I said. Lets take this baby apart and find the problem.

But first need to install back-up computer. Fairly simple, unplug componets, and replace with second computer. Shit-new computer can't use old printer(out dated drivers). Trip home to get right printer. OK new system for work related needs up and running.

I have certain blogs that I enjoy reading every day, so I have these on all my computers, and flash drives. I go to my list, only to find half of them missing on this computer. WTF?
Damn I hate Vista. This is the only computer loaded with Vista.

OK Finally all that is needed is now on this computer. Now since I have TWO external hard drives, this computer is now backed up on both external hard drives. Being stupid has cost me the better part of two days to get back to where I started. Did I learn anything? Probabely not, but I sure have enough equipment to play with.

Life without Home on the Range, and Hermit Jim is not an option. Open land,guns,and coffee are a man's necessity's. So for stress relief this week-end head for the woods, pop off a 100 rounds, and drink a gallon of coffee.

See Ya

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Grace. said...

Enjoy the week-end. But you might want to leave Murphy at home with the computers!