Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Water storage & usage

Water-the gift of life.

Today when I need a refreshing drink of water all that is needed is to put the glass under the facet and turn it on. Some where in the back round marvelous things happen. From the original source, be it a river, lake, reservoir, or storage tank water flows to the city for distribution. The city runs the water thru their system to insure that you have safe drinking water, and Viola I just filled my glass. Now what happens when you don't have that luxury??

Yesterday I carried 50 one gallon jugs of drinking water to the woods. No well yet, and no electricity. For the UN-informed water weighs 8.6 pounds per gallon, and I believe the minimum daily requirements for an adult is one gallon per day. So first to the grocery store to purchase the water. Load the cart. Transport to parking lot load 50 one gallons jugs in truck. Drive to destination, and of course carry to desired spot. That's a shit pile of work for an old man. Also with no waste, and only for drinking I have a supply of 50 days maybe. Perhaps on a hot day I may drink 2 gallons. You see what I mean.

When you have to supply your own water life gets very interesting. So when I arrived home to the condo I took that nice long hot shower to soak these tired bones. Had I spent the night in the woods a GI shower would be required. Of course that deducts from your limited supply.

Inquisitive minds need to know. How many gallons does your toilet require to flush. I know there are high tech ones out there, but how about yours? Mine takes 4 gallons per flush.!!!! If your nose could stand it flushing just once a day uses 28 gallons per week. Holy shit. Just think: hauling 240.8 pounds of water every week just to flush your toilet once a day. I guess out houses were a requirement during those early days. Nice to live in modern times. So now think what would happen if you had to supply your own water. Scary? Just food for thought. I won't add the water for the washer, or dishwasher. In hard times with limited supply a lot of water requirements would change very quickly. Like the Boy Scouts say "be prepared". With that said I think it's nap time.

See Ya


HermitJim said...

Hey Tony...
I'm with you on the water situation, my friend! Think of living in the desert and hoping for enough rain to get you by for a while! They do sell water in large quantities there for around 3 cents a gallon...and that's not too bad!

Nap time sounds good!

Did it MY way said...

Desert Jim? A HermitJim in the sand?

I have not been to the desert yet. Don't know if I could handle it. Cheap water. I paid $.16 a gallon.

Nice to see you.