Sunday, April 19, 2009

The DHS goes beyond belief-I want to puke

As a veteran that served my country,paid my taxes, married and raised a family,owned a business that helped to support 5 families,voted every year, and loves his country WHY does homeland security see a veteran as a threat?

Police are instructed to pay special attention to returning war veterans claiming they are likely to join anti-government terrorist groups or become "lone wolf extremists capable of carrying out violent attacks". The new regime's abiding contempt for the military is hardly new. This smear is calculated to keep their combat skills and associated expertise from diffusing into the general society, the warning is only incidentally directed at veterans. Depicting veterans as dangerous nut jobs—the 'likely to join terrorist groups.

Did they not bleed and die fighting terrorist groups? I just feel sick sick sick that any American would think let alone say something like that. What kind of idiots are now running(ruining) our country.

Get angry people. Get very angry. Vote every incumbant at every election out of office. Get involved, do your research, lets take our country back. Political correctness has stolen our freedom to say what we think. Bullshit-"wrong" kind of talk makes me a domestic terrorist? Tell that to me,my dad, or my son and we will kick your ass!

God bless every veteran.


HermitJim said...

You got it exactly right! About time some of these fence sitters start to wake up! If I was a veteran returning from a combat zone, then found out that I was going on a list...!! I would show them what a really pissed off vet was like!

They want to start with the name calling, then the trouble falls at their feet!

Good post!

tsiya said...

I just hope they spell my name right on their stupid lists!