Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Could not spend any money

Curses foiled again-What kind of gun shows have NO ammo? Add insult to injury-NO primers.
Ha Ha I don't need any-but I would have bought at least $1,000.00 worth if available. I'm glad people are waking up,and stocking up. The prices may be going up, but I'm happy to give a profit to the manufacturing companies for these products.

Firearms have gone up in price! I must have been a sleep, can't remember a Colt Python going for $1,200.00, or a 1911 for $1,500.00. Did see a few Smith & Wesson 38 specials for under $500.00 new.

I arrived about 20 minutes before the opening time on the first day only to find at least 100 people already in line. Relaxed in the truck, finished my morning coffee & cigarette. Second day was more of the same. Lots of people, and lots of buyers.

After the show my son-in-law and I stopped at one of the local gun shops, and found the prices to be very close to the show prices. Have to keep them honest you know. And no they did not have any ammo either. The next show in our area is at the end of the month-will try again.

The weekend was not a total bust. Now I still have that thousand to spend on food stock, or can put toward the well drilling. Still trying to find a local to do it near the homestead. I have a few in my area but a four hour drive one way does not interest them. One would think at least one would give me a quote. Maybe I should buy a well drilling truck, and learn a new trade. Start a new job at 68.

See ya


HermitJim said...

You know...well driller might not be a bad trade to learn. You could practise on your own place, then start on mine!

Just a thought!

Did it MY way said...

Hi Jim;
How about that...My first customer and I don't even have a truck yet. Could be