Saturday, March 14, 2009

Why Did They Not Listen?

Alone in the woods you can set, and let your mind wander. If you have lived for any number of years you can let your mind wander quite a bit. If you think you have lived to long you may wonder if you have a mind. lol

Remembering your childhood, your first car, your first girl-friend, your best friend, graduation day from high school. The day you left to join the Army. Your marriage, your first house,your first child,your first job after the Army, your first raise, and the list goes on. Those were all good times for my generation. Why-because our parents were wise. They had no choice but to live with the income they made. My parents gave me good advice when I got married: Buy a house immediately, and pay it off as fast as you can no matter what. If you can't pay cash for it don't buy it. I followed that advice for the first 20 years of our marriage. Everything we owned was free and clear. When I started my own business I did the same thing. I bought used equipment for cash, and upgraded when the business could pay for it. Tough times, long hours, and another 20 years to be a success.

My children were raised to know the value of a dollar, and the proper work ethic, and I AM proud that they at least retained half of it. The work ethic part. Then they discovered EASY CREDIT. I tried to warn them-I told them the banks are not your friends. They produce nothing and charge loan shark interest rates. Would you take a 20% pay cut to work? They both told me that they could afford it, and they were making enough money to get what they wanted NOW.
Well NOW just came back to bite them in the ass. Their credit cards all raised the rates to the limit, and "Holy Shit my payment is how much"? WHY DID THEY NOT LISTEN?

My hero John Wayne said it best: Life's tough........It's even tougher if you are stupid.

If tshtf and they lose everything they are welcome to live with me, and I'll feed them, but they will live in the woods, and work in the garden, and carry their own weight. I thank my parents every day for the advice they gave me, and that I listened. No Mortgage-no bills-no credit:Priceless

Back to the woods.

See Ya

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HermitJim said...

Good advice , Tony...and so true. My folks, especially my Dad, always told me "I'll help you anyway I can, except financially..." but that's because he didn't make enough to give it away!

Times were different for our generation, I guess...but it does make you wonder why they didn't listen! Good post!