Monday, March 2, 2009

Wake up to the sun-Go to sleep when dark

I spent three days on the homestead. Just to relax, watch mother nature,and to see what one can really do with out if necessary. No tv,no radio,no phone,no electricity,no running water,no inside plumbing,and I even left my watch at home. I did take enough food and water for the three days. Nothing that needed refrigeration.

A pit toilet was dug away from the camp site and down wind. The solar shower bag was hung from a tree, and the tarp was arranged as a proper lean to. Enough fire wood was gathered. Home sweet home for the next three days.

My first thought was how do I tell what day I was in. So a diary was started with pencil and paper. A calender would have been handy so each evening a person could just x off the day. Good thought to add to the supply list. Amazing what people take for granted, like just knowing what day it is. How did the pioneers know this?

Three days without seeing another soul. What a wonderful feeling. Did I enjoy it? You bet your ass I did. The sounds of mother nature have a wonderful soothing effect. Even my hearing improved. What did I miss the most? My Pepsi-no refrigeration remember. That damn comfortable king size bed of mine. Pine needles under my sleeping bag was a poor substitute.
But just remember this was just a three day trip to see what you could really do without.

The cabin will have all the comforts of home. Did a preliminary layout of several possible locations for the cabin. Also while day dreaming at night with the fire I remembered the under ground bunks we built in the woods of Michigan as kids to hide out and smoke cigarettes, and drink beer. Might serve as hidden storage spots. Hell could serve as hide outs in an emergency.

Spotted several deer during my short stay. The usual squirrels, birds, and a few snakes. Nothing dangerous to report. Just as I was ready to leave spotted a lone Eagle perched in a pine tree. What a magnificent bird.

As my mind wondered about other things communications popped up. When the SHTF will the inter net go down? Should we set up a ham station, cb radio? Those pesky silver towers needed for either one make your location much easier to find. Plus with today's technology them government boys can track anything that gives off a signal. Food for thought.

See ya


HermitJim said...

Damn, make me want to leave right now and spend some time in the desert!

Great post, my man!

Did it MY way said...

Do it now-a couple of days will do you good!