Friday, March 20, 2009

Thinking-Sometimes hurts-Why do I do it?

Will I have time to finish preparing? Should I worry about it? How do I convince my children? Will any of us survive? Is the silent majority the last to remember the great depression? Are we the last generation willing to fight? Is there enough of us? Does the younger generations even know how or willing to learn?

My children were raised knowing how to grow food, can it, dry it, and store it. They learned how to hunt, fish, camp, and the proper use of fire-arms. What the hell happened? They don't use non of that knowledge today. My daughter's idea of "camping" is to take their 5er to a RV Resort that has a pool, hot tub, wfi, and a grocery store on site. When I said I would clear a site for them on my homestead they said why? Well I'll have one there for them, just hope they can get to it on time. I sometimes feel like I'm just burning brain cells. So instead of thinking I'll go back to working-gets more stuff done that way.

On a brighter note for all you "old" gentlemen wishing to use all natural when possible: A story on the inter-net today. In an upscale Whole Food Store in Oklahoma They found a Brazilan(possible) spider in the bananas. This spider's bite could possibly kill you but has a side effect of giving you an erection. In their country that's how they know a Brazilan spider bite you when you go to the hospital. Wonder how they know if it was a woman.(damn there I go thinking again-sorry) So if you don't want to use the little blue pill go shopping at the whole food stores. I would guess you would have to be quick using the side-effect before going to the hospital.

See Ya


Anonymous said...

Damn! I slobbered coffee all down my front! HaAAAA! Good thinking!

HermitJim said...

Sounds a lot like the old saying..."the operation was a success, but the patient died!"

Good post, my friend!