Saturday, March 7, 2009

More thoughts to Ponder

Worked on the homestead until noon today. Cleared out some brush, a few scrub oaks where the shack will go, and then went into town for some additional supplies I forgot. Old age can be costly sometimes. But thinking does help keep the brain cells active. Points to ponder :

1. The trouble with socialism is that you eventually run out of other peoples money.

2. You are a slave to the government. (taxes,taxes,taxes) Put a meter on my ass & tax farts to.

3. Big brother gets bigger everyday.

4. The IRS (More powerful than God)

5. Fear the government that fears your guns.

6. What CAN you actually own free and clear?

7. Being debt free-allows me time off.

8. I really miss John Wayne

9. Second hero-Clint Eastwood

10. Chocolate milk and popcorn for breakfast-thanks Jim

11. Move the clocks forward one hour tonight.

12. Have a good day tomorrow

So before I can bumped off the net again

See Ya

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HermitJim said...

Good post, as always my friend! Looking forward to the day when you put some pics on for us to gander at!

Oh, and thanks for the mention...always a pleasure!