Friday, March 13, 2009

I'm a Dinosaur

They dragged me kicking and screaming into the 20th century. Only because I had a business. First was the computer. Needing to stay up with the competition my manual mills were not capable of the production needed. So enter the Numerical Controlled Vertical Maching Center. A very fancy very high priced mill with no handles. Now in order for this machine to function one needed to input a fancy "G" Code to make parts. I have always enjoyed improving my education so learned all that was necessary to run this type of equipment. Much to my surprise this type of equipment spawned three new jobs. First you had a "Programmer"(book learner) that provided the program for the machine. Second you had a set-up man. He was responsible for all the tools needed to run the program, and setting them up in the machine, and running a test part. Finally third the machine operator, who was normally un-skilled who put the part in the machine,hit the green button, and when the machine finished it's cycle took the part out, and just repeated everything again. Piss poor way of doing things. As a toolmaker trained in the alley shops of old where you needed to know how to do it all-proper feeds and speeds came from experience, not the book. So to make a long story short I cross trained my toolmakers on the mill with no handles. Programs ran faster,tools were changed before they broke, some secondary operations were performed off the machine during the normal run time. So don't mess with a dinosaur.

Next of course came the fax machine. Customers can now wait for the last minute to place purchase orders and put the pressure on the vendor.

Then came the cell phone-now they can contact your ass in the restaurant while you are trying to eat lunch.

That's all ending now since I have decided to quit the business. Can I live without all the modern electronics available? Well lets see: I will keep the computer for now. I now have many friends whose blogs I would miss. Could I do without it-yes I could. There is always a library to use. Next comes the cell phone. Mine is a 1986 StarTac Motorola whose soul function is for me to use when I wish to call somebody. It has no other functions. It doesn't even have caller id. I have a grandfathered plan that costs me $9.00 a month with 500 minutes. I have never gone over my minutes. I have no home phone.I know when it fails I'll be forced into a new one with all the gadgets I'll never need, and a very expensive "new" plan. I guess I'll give more thought to that when it happens. Pay phones are hard to find today.

So by the looks of it two items of the modern electrical world will be kept by this dinosaur.

Time to head for the woods, and peace of mind.

See Ya


Anonymous said...

Good Luck old timer. Keep in touch.

Did it MY way said...

Thanks for the good luck & I'll keep in touch.Once a ground pounder always a ground pounder.

HermitJim said...

Still don't have a cell phone...I use Vonage over the net. I don't have much use for phones after 16 years with the phone company...

I sure like my Internet, though. My main connection to the outside world!

Have a good day, my friend!