Friday, March 27, 2009

I think I'll help the Economy this weekend

Help the economy. Get rid of the gloom and doom-BUY SOMETHING-That is if you have any money left after paying your mortgage(and your neighbor's),your property taxes(still at the inflated rate of three years ago),buying food(and a little extra for prep),Cigarettes(don't even get me started here)Ya I smoke, and I've screwed the tax man for a while(bought 20 cartons before increase-and will grow my own now). End of mini rant.

I am lucky. I am totally debt free including mortgage. Lucky that I have worked all my life and paid everything off. Lucky to have never owned stocks. Please stop me before I start ranting again.

So I have a few bucks to spend this weekend. And guess what? There is a gun show 5 miles from where I live Saturday and Sunday. Oh what joy I am feeling. Yes I am going to help the economy by buying another gun or two. Ammo I have plenty of(of course how much is enough),we will see what I find that I cannot live without.

See Ya

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