Thursday, February 26, 2009

Taxed to Death

For the month of January I did not live in my condo. I left the hot water heater on, and of course the fridge. Today I received my electric bill. Very interesting.

They charge the following:
1. Customer charge: $8.03 (this is what they charge to send you the bill)
2. Gross Receipts tax: $.40
3.Municipal franchise fee: $.98
4. Municipal utility tax: $1.37
So the total tax for this bill is: $10.78
The best part: I used 61 Kwh and the cost was $7.71!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF?

Now this is just the Electric bill, how about the phone bill, water bill, sewer, etc. You get the picture.

Even when you die some-one from your estate is supposed to file your last tax return.

Now you know why you are a slave to the job.

See Ya


HermitJim said...

Yeah, they have the same crooked standards at the cab'e company as well. It's all nuts!

Fred and Wilma said...

In Michigan, Detroit Edison pushed for home owners to have a second electric meter put on their residence. This second meter would track the power used for your central ac unit, and if you were crazy enough to heat your hot water with electric.
They offered a cut rate on this energy usage.
Now here is the kicker: They allow you .01 per KWH. Yep, just a penny off per KWH. Oh yes...the fine print points out that there is a $2.50 charge PER MONTH for this meter.
So I was curious on how much I really was saving. The past 3 years it averaged the same.
You have to run your AC, 24 hours a day for 15 days out of the month to just break even! If you don't then it actually costs you more with their energy saving meter. Like Tony says: WTF! Oh yes and for this cut rate they hook up a radio receiver that they have control of and they (Detroit Edison) can turn off your AC when ever they wish. Guess when they do it. Yep on the friggen hotest days! WTF! HELP ME!
Up here in MI you never need to run your household AC more than 15 days a month. The nights cool off so a whole house fan works great.
Damn it Tony, now my blood pressure is starting to go up!
Have a great week end on the property.