Sunday, February 22, 2009

Survival Arms

Every survival book, internet site, fellow bloggers, your next door neighbor, the current tv news, all talk about the weapons needed to defend against any crisis real or imagined. Katrina comes to mind as the latest one.

I have been a gun collector since I was 6 years old when my dad taught me to shoot. I still have the single shot 22 rifle that killed my first squirrel. I learned to re-load in my teens, because shells were expensive on paper route income. By today's liberal standards my collection would be considered an arsenal.

Three years military training, added to my knowledge of weapons that civilians have never seen.

So as a civilian what weapons are needed to protect home and personal?

Bedroom: A pistol-preferable a 38 with a six inch barrel.

Front door: 12 gauge shot gun with an 18" barrel (only because law will not let it be shorter)

Long range: 30-06 M1-Garand rifle

The 38 pistol for years has served most police forces. But of course one has to practice to be proficient with the weapon. Six shots from a 22 pistol properly placed will do the job to. However the 38 will be the best all around defense in close quarters.

If two or more bad guys are breaking down your front door your trusty shotgun loaded with buck shot need only be pointed in the general direction to end that very quickly. As a matter of fact if I could choose only one weapon to own it would be the shotgun.

If one is lucky enough to have a homestead you already a hunter, and that deer can be out of range for a shot gun, so enter the 30-06 with a range of 1,000 yards. Also as a hunter you know that the shot needs to be aimed before pulling the trigger. That M1 that served so well in the military still has that ability.

I call today the "spray and pray" era. When a couple of police officers with high capacity 9mm shoots at a perp 100 times total and hits him 3 times-wtf? Drive by shooting-same thing. Large clips, and semi-automatics only waste ammo.

Shooting another human being is one of the most horrible acts a man could do. I hope that we are never going to see this happen. But it is happening now on a daily basis,with bastards that want something you own and not willing to work for it. All the laws on the books could prevent this if our courts had the guts to use them. So now it falls on you to be prepared. Have the tools and know how to use them, Practise,Practise,Practise, and then do it some more.

Don't give up on the greatest country in the world. Continue to support the good people in government, and try your damnest to get rid of the rotten ones. GET INVOLVED. Our young people of today have been brain washed. Maybe the tough times coming will be the catalyst for them to wake up. I hope so.

And since I am still rambling-Imagine how much food could be produced on those manicured front lawns where people say they have no room for a garden on that city lot.

See ya


HermitJim said...

Whole lotta truth and common sense in what you say, my brother. Thanks for the advice...

Frugal Canadian Hermit said...

I'm kinda in the market for a hand gun lately. I'm not overly knowledgeable about them yet, but I will be a little smarter soon. 38huh? That does have a nice ring to it. Thanks Tony.

Mo said...

Another good post. Looks like I have some reading to do to catch up.