Thursday, February 5, 2009

Pantry getting out of hand

Today I added a few more supplies to the larder.

400# wheat
10# honey
100# canned meat
15# canned butter

I am running out of storage space in my 1100 square foot condo. Fortunately one bedroom has taken the over flow from the cupboards in the kitchen. Hopefully the land deal will be finished this weekend, and I can figure on putting up a shed. Florida summer heat going to be a problem? Can a root cellar be built in Florida? Need to do some research on that idea. I have also found a 2000 gallon water tank, and again need the land deal to be finished before completing that deal. The plan is coming together.

I am going to try and be completely off the grid on the land I own. So food preservation is critical. I'm just looking to stay there for a year if necessary.If the sh.. hits the fan, and a year is not enough god help this country. Again hope for the best and prepare for the worst. If nothing happens I'll be able to eat for year with no money spent, and not having to be with people if I choose not to be.

See ya


Fred and Wilma said...

Hey I have an idea seeing how you like to Barter and trade stuff for stuff.

You have a condo in Florida you want to get rid of, you also said you want to "hit the road in an RV".

Here's my deal. I have the RV for ya, I'll take your condo off your hands for the RV! Free and clear of course.

We both make out! ;>)

Have a great day Tony. And I hope "that day" your talking about never comes!


Robbyn said...

We're in florida, too, and are looking to do something similar to what you are. We're looking into how we'd store food, too, especially off grid. Our dilemma seems to continue being how to stay cool in those oppressive summer temps...