Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Into each man's life a little luck must fall

Christmas in February comes late for last year and early for this year..

For three years I have been searching for 1-5 acres of wooded undeveloped property in Florida. Finally a stroke of luck it has now been acquired. No I will not tell where it is, and no it is not for sale. I happened to mention to a friend of mine that I wanted to sell my 73 Corvette convertible while we were having lunch at the local pub. A gentleman at the next table overheard us, and asked what I wanted for it. I said joking five acres of woods in Florida. Well guess what? The joke is on me, because we spent the rest of the afternoon in his office going over what he had available. Then we came to look at the Corvette, and fifteen minutes later a deal was cut. Of course this weekend after I see the propriety in person and the survey, and all the legals check out I will be the proud new owner. I love it when a deal comes together with no money exchanged.

Now I need the same 1-5 acres of woods in Kentucky, and Michigan. A stash of goodies at each one, and when all hell breaks loose perhaps I'll be able to get to one of them. And if it does not happen I'll have a place to escape Florida summer heat, and a place for a mild winter, and of course Northern Michigan for pure survival. And I said I would never go back to Michigan in the winter to live. Never say never.

Did I tell you how HAPPY I am? Did I? I am very very happy!

Now I need to trade the 64 Corvette convertible for a 4 x 4 dually diesel Chevy pick-up. I can dream. To much happiness for one day. Did I tell you how happy I am?

See ya

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HermitJim said...

Sounds like you had a GREAT and productive day, my friend. Good for you...I need some luck like that!