Tuesday, February 24, 2009

How Can I be so Busy Not Working?

Anybody who has lived in one place for any length of time knows what I am about to say. Where in the hell did all this "Stuff" come from? And in my case even worse- why are there two or three of each item. Back-up can only go so far. Am I a pack rat in stuff clothing? Because I can has always been a favorite saying of mine. OK because I can I am now liquidating everything I own that cannot fit in my van camper, or a sheer necessity for the homestead. EVERYTHING take no prisoners.

Four piles: Sell, Donate, Give away, & Trash. Remember take no prisoners, and once something is in one pile no removing, no remorse, decision made live with it.

The fact that I can have as little as 30 days to accomplish this motivates me. Plus my auction house assures me that after the auction the only thing left in the shop will be the bare walls. We will see.

On a happier note I did take a day off for the homestead. I'm trying an experiment that I dreamed up. I took a bunch of vegetable seeds and randomly planted them in an area where I can find them again. As if mother nature said drop one here, and one there. Lets see what happens. Will the creatures eat the fresh shoots before they mature. I have seen at least a dozen deer, and I'm sure there other creatures that enjoy fresh produce as well. A fence of any kind is out of the question because I want this to be a forage type.

Back to getting rid of stuff.

See Ya


HermitJim said...

Mother Nature has always seemed to favor most stealth garden areas...and I think it's an excellent idea!

Good luck on the thinning out. I'll be doing the same thing before long...some of it I have started already!

Hard, but necessary!

Mo said...

A lot of us would benefit from such an exercise. I seems we do burden ourselves with stuff as time goes by. I'm very guilty of that crime. I'm certain I could get by with less and your post inspired me to at least make the effort while it is still a voluntary act.