Monday, February 16, 2009

Freedom Fund Grows Big Time

I have several customers I only see needing me once or twice a year. Same jobs, same requirements, same payments, same "I'll take care of you down the road" for doing this for me.

I also have several customers that only need me when the "Shit hits the fan". They are really the fun ones. They know they have a problem, and even know the solution. But they still have to have a price quote, guarantee of delivery on time or else. I always wondered what the or else would be. But I digress. One of those customers requested my services last Wednesday morning.

It went like this: If I get you the material by this afternoon, can we have finished parts by Monday morning? I just faxed you the print. I need a firm price and delivery. What else is new(I thought). The request was made at 9am, the fax was received by me at noon. I responded at 12:02. I received the material(as usual) at 5:00pm. Oh goody one day already shot.

Now the good part: To meet these requirements require four 16 hour days in a row. I will not bore you with the details, but it was closer to 18-20 hour days. At 68 am I just stupid, or good or lucky, or UN-lucky? The coffee pot never cooled down, and at least a carton of cigarettes was consumed during the marathon to simply save a customer. For what? MY personal GAIN. I quoted the price SO HIGH there was NO WAY I would get the job, but I did.

So now my Freedom Fund is $18,000.00 richer! Not to shabby for four days. Especially for today's economy.

Nice way to go out. I have decided to close the shop. I am now seeking auction houses to see how they work. Once they set a date for the auction that will be the end.

I have started taking personal items from the shop each day when I go home,so once the date is set I'll have less to do.

I'm excited. The condo has not sold yet, but once the shop goes I'll still be free to RETIRE, and travel in the motor home.

Now to go home and sleep for 18 hours.

See ya


HermitJim said...

Hey, that's good news about the boost in the prepping funds. Go a long way into building a cabin in the woods...

Traveling ain't a bad way to spend some time either! Best to enjoy it while we still can...without travel restrictions and all!

Hope the condo sells soon!

Fred and Wilma said...

Congrats on getting that last job done. At 68 you just have to be ready for YOU not everyone else in this "pressure cooker" world.

Enjoy the MH and acres. Get some time away, and enjoy life!


Frugal Canadian Hermit said...

Congrats on the getting out Tony. It kinda reminds me of my own job in a way(when they want 3 days work done in an hour), only the income on my end aint quite as good. I don't know if you are familiar with the auctions or not, but might I suggest Ritchie Bros. ( Should get worldwide recognition there. Good luck.

Did it MY way said...

Thanks for the kind words everybody.
Ritchie Bros does not deal in my type of machinery but I sure appreciate the info.
Time to start the cabin now

shinerbock said...

Good job, thats a hell of a step in the right direction. Good luck.