Saturday, January 31, 2009

Working way to much

Seems like the last week in every month is the week needed to make the month. What do I mean? The first three weeks glide by normally,work is steady, backlog of jobs is fairly normal. Then comes the last week. Holy sh.., we need to ship how much to pay the monthly bills? Payroll,taxes,landlord,electricity,water,telephone,gas, truck repair....seems the list is endless. So 16 hours a day is do-able for the next seven days. Job done-another month survived. The joy's of a small job shop. But then I still have a job.

Today is also bad-I mean really bad-I mean bad with a capital BBBBaaaddd! I opened the cupboard to retrive a can of salmon. Not just salmon, but WildRed salmon in the 3.75oz can. All my hand came out with was the empty cardboard box that normally holds 24 cans. This cannot be-a day without WildRed salmon is worse than running out of Pepsi or Cigarettes which can be replaced with a simple trip to the store. This will not happen again. I intend to order a years supply this time. Which with the world the way it is today is not a bad idea.

OK I'm back. Had to stop and re-order my Wild Red, and being smarter than the average bear, I decided to check my wild blueberry stash. Down to two pounds, re-ordered them to. I like to balance out my sins(Pepsi & cigarettes) with some healthy alternatives. I really do eat healthy. I have been blessed that today at age 68 I take no medications at all.

Thinking about dropping the price on the condo. I want that piece of land in the boondocks as soon as possible. Campground fees are always high in Florida during the season, and always to crowded for me. I use a friends place in the woods during this time, but don't wish to wear out my welcome.

See ya


HermitJim said...

Hey, my friend! I'm glad you got your salmon re-ordered. I'm also happy to hear that you got the Blueberries as well.

Where do you get your berries from?

Anonymous said...

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Did it MY way said...

Hi Jim;
The wild blueberries come from Vital Choice Seafood. They are very small and very good. Bit pricey thou