Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Winter in Florida

No seasons in Florida? My a.., 38 degrees when I woke up this morning spells WINTER to me. If it drops much more the water may get hard enough to go ice fishing. Ha, but then the temps will warm up later to the 50 degree mark, and all is well in paradise. I faintly remember December vacations before moving here when we would swim in the Gulf when the water was 68 degrees. Now if it's not 88 degrees not one toe would touch the water.

Our average temperatures for the month of January: 72/50. So for now temps are a little lower. We live with it for the few days that it dips below those temps.

To my friends up north-I feel your pain, but Michigan in spring and fall is hard to beat, so I know why you enjoy living there.

See ya


HermitJim said...

I just never thought of it getting cold in Florida! And being from South Texas, anything below 65 is COLD to me!

70 to 80 is about right for me...

Fred and Wilma said...

Oh Tony....I feel so bad for the chill in the air in Florida.

Please use it all up before I retire and get a chance to enjoy the great weather of Florida.

You know my blog, look at the bottom for the latest temps here in Michigan, then you will really enjoy your mild temps.


tsiya said...

It's 27f out here west of St. Augustine at 2AM Thursday. Coldest I've seen here was 9 degrees f in the early 60s.
Florida can produce low temp and high humidity combos that are really chilling.