Thursday, January 1, 2009

Welcome to 2009

2009 What the hell happened to 2008?

2008 was just another year for me. Working to many hours, not near enough fishing and camping. Since 2004 I have said it was time to re-tire and go on the road full time to see some of this great country. There was always something in the way. Have to sell the house and the business, get rid of to much stuff.

After every camping trip the urge becomes stronger, then a quick reality check raises it's ugly head and the problems get resolved, work continues, and another year passes you by.

Hopefully this year the camping God's will shine on me.

I have started the year right. I said I would put up an auction a day on E-Bay. I put up 6 today.

Also after many months of a friend begging me to sell him my big boat he made me an offer I could not refuse. So the big boat is sold. I think I am having chest pains, cold sweats, and to many fond memories of the big boat. On the plus side-first monies deposited to my "Freedom Fund" If any one wishes to donate I would accept any offerings. Just kidding. Put that quarter back in your pocket.

My shop rent is due today, and no further word from the bankruptcy trustee so I'll mail that off today. This problem will be solved by: New landlord wanting me to stay-Building may be sold,and no one stays-or moving the shop to a new location. OR closing down after 28 years and selling off the assets or hell donating them. Believe me giving up something I started from scratch is hard to give up. Catch 22.

At any rate the woods call my name. Leaving tonight for three day camping trip. No worries until Monday morning. I am a LUCKY man.

Wish me luck for the condo auction the 13Th. If it sells-my decision for the shop will be solved. Shut it down and liquidate by auction.

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tsiya said...

Just do it! I was busting my tail at 58, trying to get ready for retirement, and out of the blue my health slid downhill. I can't do many of tbe things I waited for.