Friday, January 23, 2009


How many times in your life time have you heard this: Thank God it's Friday. Well I like to thank God for every day of the week. If not for the others Friday would never get here, and I would not be able to enjoy three day weekends in the woods.

Today unfortunately I am setting in a Chevrolet service center with a dead alternator. Starting the "little One" this morning showed the little red battery, and the volt meter reading a measly 9volts. And of course since it is Friday (payday for many) seems every one wants their cars and trucks serviced today. Calls to other dealers resulted in the same response-three to four hours for the repair after you once get in the service bay. Probably closer to 5-6 hours. Soooo what to do? To early for happy hour.

The courtesy van was kind enough to drop me off at work. They will retrieve me when the work is accomplished. Looks like the weekend trip will be shorter by a day this week. Of course I could take Monday off and still get three days. What a thought.

See ya


HermitJim said...

Old man Murphy and his Law always seem to show up when we least expect it. Sorry to hear about the vehicle problems, as I am starting to put the old truck in the shop myself!

I can feel the pain in my wallet already! Have a better day!

tsiya said...

Used to do all my own repairs, not sure I could on the new stuff! I sure hope you get rolling again soon!