Sunday, January 11, 2009

Still chasing bass

The bass thought they could out smart me yesterday morning. Damn they did. Yesterday afternoon after a very nice fresh fish lunch. (The un-lucky Blue-gill caught) I decided another plan of attack was required. If I can't convince them to bite my chose morsels during the day perhaps a nightly attack would have better results.

A nice three hour nap was taken, and dreams of a 10 bass swirled in my head. The spinning rod and some tastey live bait was prepared. Full darkness was averted by a full moon. First bass on at the third cast. Nice 2 pounder. One should not get to cocky, as this was the one and only of the night. Gave up at 1am-time for much needed sleep.

Sunday morning found me up at 8:30am. The fog was soooo thick I could not see the lake which is only 10 feet from my camper. Fresh coffee, bacon and eggs seemed a great way to start the day.

By noon the fog was burned off and the temp was 71 degrees. I consider the weekend a success. Tomorrow back to the weekly grind. I WILL do this full time before this year is over if I have to give away all my un-necessary possessions.

Life is good
See ya

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sally said...

Good luck selling your Florida condo. It's a tough market out there!!!