Thursday, January 22, 2009

Smile it could get colder

Well I smiled, and damn if it did not get colder. A lot COLDER- how cold you ask? Try 28 degrees, and frost on the windshield this morning. I must have pissed off the Northern gods or something. Did you ever try to buy long underwear in Florida? It would be easier selling snow mobiles here. Come to think of it where is my snowmobile suit? Right-up north.And yes I know up north 28 degrees this time of year is a heat wave. I ain't up north. Sanity will return in the land of sunshine with temps scheduled to return to normal for Sunday: 71, Monday: 71, and Tuesday: 72. I could hibernate until then?

No fear: t shirt,long sleeve wool shirt,hoody sweat shirt, and windbreaker should work to keep these old bones warm until noon when the temps reach 50 degrees. Perhaps I'll wash the truck. Perhaps I'll move to Florida-the land of sunshine. At least the sun is shinning. I feel like wimp. The brain must be suffering from frost bite-where is my hat?

I'll be back when I thaw out.

See ya

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tsiya said...

Woke up this morning and the pipes were frozen solid, someone turned off the faucet I left dripping. I'm just glad the pump didn't crack.