Friday, January 16, 2009

RV Show

January 14-18 is reserved for the annual wish trip to Tampa. I have attended this event for many many years. One gets to crawl all over million dollars rigs to teardrop joys. The "new smell" gets you very time. Set in a moving house that has more toys that your stick house, and you see how easy it is to dream of one day parking this next to a virgin trout stream for a month. So this Sunday I will once more walk from one end to the other, carry out a bag of brochures, may take a few million pictures, dream of hitting the lottery, and come home to reality. Never hurts to dream, and dreams can come true.

If one really wants something bad enough one will find the way to get it. Work two jobs, start a business, sell off un-needed items, there is always a way.

I do feel sorry for my northern friends suffering winters cold blast. Temperatures in the single digit during the day and minus during the night remind me why I left Michigan 28 years ago. I expect visitors in the coming month.

I'm off for a couple of days in the woods.

See ya

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