Saturday, January 24, 2009

The old days are gone-I miss them

No van until at least Monday. Got the call Friday afternoon-need to order the alternator. Say what? WTF General Motors does not stock alternators? Ah you say-but yours is a high amp output alternator-BS they are in all 3500 Chevy vans.

Remember the days when you would take off the bad generator and re-build it in two hours? File points on a voltage regulator, set the points with a pack of book matches. I digress. Life was good with the 53 Chevy pick-up. Today they have a hand held computer to check the code for why my "check engine" light is on in my 2002 Chevy pick-up. When they could not determine the cause they just cleared the computer. Came back on three days later, and has been on now for the last 8 months.

Well I always say "Don't let the Bast.... get you down" so back to the woods I go. Threw the tent, sleeping bag, cooler,grill, toolbox, and anything else I thought I might need in the pick-up and off I go.

See ya Monday


HermitJim said...

Now days you have to have a $1000 piece of equipment before doing an oil change. I'm thinking driveway tune-ups are a thing of the past!

Good luck!

Fred and Wilma said...

Heck Tony, its almost cheaper to have the Chevy Dealer do my oil changes than doing it myself!

Just had the oil changed in my '09 Malibu at the dealer. You pay for 5 oil changes and the 6th one is free. Cost for the oil change....$23.00.

That is $3.00 cheaper than the corner (foreign owner) Valvoline quick change oil change. And with them its $26.00 and NO free changes!

I'll stay with the dealership thank you very much! Tony, I know its frustrating when they have to order parts, but I believe you will get a much better job done than at the local "do all repair shop". Just my humble opinion.

Have a great trip.