Monday, January 19, 2009

New year-new money plan

Work, football, and the RV show seems to have taken a considerable amount of my time up to date. The RV show is over, and the super bowl is not until February, so it seems now is the time to return to finical stability.

As of now I am totally debt free. No credit card debt, and no mortgage hanging over my head, no truck payment. So why in the hell did my credit score drop 23 points? From 823 to 800. My daughter gives me the one finger salute, and gagging sounds every time she hears my credit score. I tell her I'm just more careful with credit cards than she is-I STOPPED USING THEM. But the drop stills pisses me off, because insurance companies use this data as part of their rate decisions. I believe Chase cancelling my card for lack of use had some bearing on the drop. I wonder what credit score I would have if I closed every card I have. Just a thought, because I know that would be a bad idea. However I always said I took to long, did it wrong, but I did it my way.

As I stated-the condo is on the market again. So that means I have to escalate other means to increase income for my freedom fund. Increase auction listings, start selling on Craig list, and decrease all unnecessary spending. Down to the bare bones. What do you call the bare bones? What would you refuse to give up? For me Pepsi and cigarettes are my two. I know BAD, but remember I said I did it wrong.

See ya


Fred and Wilma said...

Having many credit cards open, even if there is no balance on them WILL lower your credit score. I just closed 2 cards out and the score jumped 50 points. Go figure, even though I had no balance on either of them for over 2 years! The limit was quite high on each though. Maybe they look at that thinking you might charge the max and buy an RV, hit the road, become a hermit and leave them with the balance to deal with.


Did it MY way said...

Hi Fred and Wilma;
Good thinking. I could hide out in Michigan. Nobody would EVER look for ME there.