Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Monday came and went

I always like Mondays when they do that. Everything runs smooth,and the day ends on a good note.

Today is the day! The condo auction starts at 5pm. Wish me luck. It has been for sale for over a year. No matter what was tried it has not sold. So the auction plan is going to be the final attempt. If it does not work I'll keep it until the market changes. The thought of doing that makes a body part start to pucker. I was lucky to sell the house on the high end when I downed sized, so a lose on the condo can be taken with out ill effects. Hell it's only money. The Brinks truck does not deliver to the cemetery.

Auctions on E-Bay are still being posted, with an occasional sale adding to the Freedom Fund.

No spend days continue to be fairly easy to accomplice.. I'm a simple man with few needs.

Still way to much stuff to get rid of. Donations need to increase.

See ya

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