Monday, January 19, 2009

Long Long Sunday

Up at 5:30am is nothing new, but this morning it seemed unnecessary since the RV show in Tampa does not open until 9:am. Left for breakfast at 8:00am, and by 8:30am headed for Tampa. Light traffic, clear and sunny, should be a beautiful day in paradise. It was.

The RV show was as expected-everything from a pop-up to the Prevost. The big surprise for me was the prices. Seems all the class b"s were very very close to 100k, and some of the class A's could be had for as little 69k. I did see a lot of "sold" signs in the windows, so the industry is not totally dead yet. I do hope it survives.

Made it home in time to watch both playoff games. What the hell happened to Philly? Seems they always fade in the playoffs. The steel curtain looked good. Ah seems like yesterday football just started, and now once again the end is in sight. The time flies.

Long day-much needed sleep is catching up to me.

See ya

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