Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Gamble or save-Could you do both?

The Power Ball Lottery has come to Florida. Big deal-how long have we had our own state lottery?

I believe the odds for the Power Ball is something like 197 million to one, and the state lottery is 22 million to one. Both seem like a foolish bet. However I have played the state lottery since it started and I'm not a millionaire yet, so what to do now. Since this is a new year new idea's are sprouting from my feeble brain. How to improve my odds and add funds to my "freedom Fund". From now on every dollar I gamble on the lottery I will match in a saving fund. Am I good or what? Also any winning monies (that's a joke) from the lottery will go to the savings account.

01/06/09 $5.00 to lottery-$5.00 to Ing account. Should be an interesting to see the results at the end of each month. I will keep everybody up to date.

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