Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The day the music died

As of January 19th I have been blessed with 68 years of living on this planet. I thank God for my excellent health, for a wonderful marriage of 43 years (wife passed in 2002), two wonderful children, and 4 grandchildren.

We lived the American dream. Our era was manufacturing in Michigan. I worked in a job shop as a toolmaker, wife stayed home, ranch house on 5 acres, two cars, vacation cabin up north on a lake, two three week vacations to Florida every year. In 1981 we sold it all and moved to Florida. Again the good lord blessed me with another opportunity. Checking around I found a few companies that needed outside machining work. So I opened my own machine shop. For the past 28 years I have enjoyed doing what I love the most, and never once had to call it work. I LOVE my job. Life is good ,and God has blessed me and my family.

However the last three years have been all down hill. I have gone from a 5 man shop to just me, and two part time employees. In just a short three years forty percent of my customers have gone bankrupt, twenty percent have sent their work to China, and my landlord filed for bankruptcy in October 2008. So I now have two options-move the shop, or close it. I don't like either choice. I contacted a few machine dealers to give me a quote to buy the assets, and believe it or not neither wanted them. They both recommended selling them on E Bay. I may find a school, and see if they would like a donation of a complete machine shop. Or I may look for a 41 year old toolmaker from up north that has a dream of owning his own business and give it to him. Time will tell.

Talk about an old man yakking it up-jeezs. The above reference was needed because of what I plan to do today. Since I am still pissed about the credit card being cancelled with no notice, I have decided I can do the same thing. I spent three hours on the phone cancelling 21 credit cards that had a total of $630k unsecured credit available. I feel SOOOO good! And yes that was $630k of unsecured credit available. Maybe I should have bought that 43 foot class"A" at the camper show and took off. Damn it hurts some time to so honest.

Hell since I don't need credit I don't need credit cards. Credit score be damned. Did it my way again. Freedom getting closer.

See ya

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Fred and Wilma said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Hope you have many more in the future. Would like to meet you someday.

I guess it just shows really how bad the economy is when you have valuable equipment and nobody is interested in giving you a decent price for it.

Hope your at least keeping warmer than I'm able to "UP NORTH" here in MI.