Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Condo Gods Hate My Guts

Yesterday the weather turned nasty. The cold front moved in and the temps plunged. The sky turned black, and the condo God's laughed with glee. The bidding for the condo stopped at 45k. I purchased it in 2005 for 108k-When the condo God's heard that they split the sky with thunder heard for miles. They sent in vultures to pick the bones clean.
The auction was an alternate selling method. I did not have to take the high bid-or in this case the insulting bid. I am also aware(since I have attended auctions) the object is to pay half or lower than the original or new price of the item. Duh-guess I should have know better. Back to the drawing board.
Options: Rent it and take to the road anyway.(Bad,Bad,Bad idea-tried that once-repairs cost more than the rent collected, and eviction process was hell.
Leave it as is and take to the road anyway
Reality check: Monies from the condo support you on the road. Don't ya hate reality checks?

Plus today I splurged and spent $10.00 on the Power ball ticket. And as my commitment(and I should be committed) I added $10.00 to the Ing account. Results coming in the future.

See ya

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Fred & Wilma said...

Hi Tony,
Sorry you weren't offered a decent price for your Condo.

I just found your blog after reading your comment on my blog about how cold it is in Michigan. You say you lived in Livonia, I'm just a stones throw from there a little farther north east.

I will keep reading on your progress to your road to freedom. Keep the faith, someday we might cross paths in a campground in Florida, or somewhere where its warm in the winter!