Thursday, January 15, 2009

Back to the world of one million listings

Well the condo is back on the market. What can I say. Life is good. It provides me a place to live that is very affordable(no mortgage), in the land of sunshine. When it does sell the house on wheels will roll to other places following the sun. Until then there are always three to four day week-ends. Plus all my northern friends and relatives still have a place to enjoy when they are down.

The RV show is in town from the 14-18 in Tampa. I have to attend that-there may be a Prevost there that I cannot live with out. Ya right, more like a pop up. In reality my "little One" 2004 Roadtrek suites me fine, and will for a long long time. Appreciate what you have, not what you want comes to mind when I think about something larger. I have been very very fortunate in my life. I am also very thankful.

Work now demands my attention, so off I go.

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