Monday, January 26, 2009

The AutoWay Chevrolet Dealer wins-this time

When the dealer called to inform me that my van was being held hostage for the week-end I thought it would be a good time to have some additional work done. Add a oil change, and since my rear view mirror decided it did not like being on the windshield I asked them if they would convince it to return to it's proper position. Since sometimes I use it to look backwards. They also informed me that there is a open campaign to replace seat buckles per re-call and would take care of that. Ah customer service at it's finest. Perhaps the closing of many dealerships in our area has brought back better relations.

I should have known better!

Alternator: $680.11

Re glued rear view mirror: $27.89

Lube oil and filter: $30.80

Replaced seat buckles: $59.75

TOTAL BILL: $852.50

In the past to the best of my knowledge a re-call was do to a fu..-up from the factory. Now the customer has to bring their van on their time to the dealer to have it repaired. Re-call's are not to be paid for by the customer. BS Not according to my dealership(IE-customer pays for labor)

The mirror did not like the dealership any more than I did. It jumped off the windshield half way home. (dealership asked if I drove over bumpy roads)

Moral of story: I go back to doing my own repairs.

Lesson learned: Ask Ask Ask ASK about all charges before any work is done.

Yes I still love my Chevy-just need a dealership that would love it to.

Week-end in the woods was fabulous!

See ya


HermitJim said...

Good thing you got rested up in the woods before going back to the dealership, huh?

Oh, well the best laid plans...and all that!

Keep smiling, mu friend!

Fred and Wilma said...

I think you should contact a few other dealers and just ask the question if the seat belts would be replaced under a recall do you have to pay labor. If you could get a few other dealers to acknowledge you do not pay labor, then go back and demand your money back before you sick your lawyer on them!

Sounds like it could be an honest mistake by the cashier.

Like Jim said....Keep smiling!

Just think of the 0 weather we are having tonight and it will bring a smile to your face I'm sure.

Did it MY way said...

Thanks Jim-the woods are my place for salvation. I need to be there full time.

Fred-I did just that-got the money back for the seat belts & the mirror! It was not the cashier it was the service manager.
I don't have a lawyer-Just a big mouth-they wanted to get rid of me fast.

Can't do o NO MORE. Spring in 51 days. You need it.

Fred and Wilma said...

Hi Tony
Glad to hear you got your money back.

Send me an email and I'll answer the question you asked me.

My email: