Thursday, December 31, 2009

You had to ask

Since I have to clean these anyway today. You asked for something bigger?
Colt, Smith & Wesson, and Ruger all represented.
See Ya

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Almost the end of the Year

Well that time again.....the year ends, and another year begins. The one thing you can't stop. Time marches on. With all the government crap going on 2010 will still arrive. What it will bring nobody knows.

What New Years Resolutions will we break first? Will they be the same we make every year?
For me this coming year will seem a lot different. No house or condo to take care of. No business to worry about how to keep running with the new government mandates. Freedom really seems great.

No Resolutions to make, just a to do list:

1. Find that elusive 5-10 acres I want so bad. (Maybe even out of Florida)

2. Consolidate all the preps in one place (Why number 1 is needed)

3. Install solar, and spare batteries on MH

4. Move my second safe to join the first one.

5. Build the new reloading benches.

6. Set up the 4 Dillon presses, and 3 Rock Crusher's.

7. Sort and prep the four 5 gallon buckets of brass.

8. Get back to reloading 2000 rounds of something each week.

9. Check the preps for rotation, and inventory.(sucks when they are in 3 places)

10. Go to the range at least once a week. (ha ha this is a given & reason for #6)

11. Enjoy my Freedom.

12. And last but not least hope every one survives, and we some how get past this mess.

I received my new bill from our friendly tax collector Diane Nelson for the privilege to drive my van, truck, and car. Since Florida like many other states are broke they have to find new ways to steal our money. They know we still need to drive so that makes it easier for them. But damn did they have to DOUBLE it? Then rub salt in the wound by offering you to renew for two years. Like everybody will do that. And no I don't need some smart ass telling me I have to many or I could walk. All are paid for, and if you add up all the sales taxes, and plate fees, on all cars and trucks in the same position on the road today the state does quite well.

Just saying for example if the price of Pepsi doubled people would not buy it. But the Bastards(excuse my French) know you will drive. So I bite the bullet, and pay up....Still sucks.

On a bright note: May everyone have a Happy New Year.
God Bless.
See Ya

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Off to the range I go

I have this deal with Santa. I give him milk and cookies, and he gives me guns and ammo. I should really up date him to Jack Daniels, and steak.

This year he has added another 22 to the safe, with 5,000 rounds of ammo. How can you not like Santa? I sure believe in him.

Smith & Wesson 22A/22S Sport Series Target Pistol. Life just keeps getting better. Off to the range I go. Ho Ho Ho Darn 5,000 rounds are heavy. Be lighter on the way home.

See Ya

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Thoughts to Ponder

I have hunted and fished all my life. Living in the woods for extended times with just what we carried in.

I read a lot of prepper sites, and realize that I have always been a prepper. Our house always had at least a month's supply of staples. Venison usually lasted year to year. Adequate cloths, and since I always loved tools, and guns those are in great supply.

Times have changed now. The world has gone crazy, and it seems our standard of living is bound for the toilet. To be honest the recession to date has had no effect on me except the loss of 38k when I sold my condo. Note: I said to date. What will the future bring?

My little motor home can carry enough supplies for me for at least 6 months. Longer if I supplement food items from the wild, or ration what I carry. Now what would happen if I had to leave the motor home? Like I have said the woods are my second home. My pack that I have had for years carries all my favorite items to keep me comfortable. A medical problem would be the only undoing. But how long could I last in that life style? I'll be 69 in January, and I am in perfect health-but for how long? Will people that think like I do band together? What knowledge and supplies will they bring to the table?

I spent 7 days recently in the woods.. I parked the van, took my pack and headed out for some adventure. My trip was along a river of good water, so that was not a problem. The total mileage was only 30 miles, so it was more of a vacation than a survival situation. The weather was fairly mild, except for the rain. Rain keeps me holed up in the tent.I don't like to travel in the rain. But did get me some reading time which I enjoy very much. I read "The Road". If that's what it will be like I may save the last bullet for me. That book was the most depressing I have ever read. As a matter of fact it was used to start a few fires.

I may be slightly different than most people. Once you have enjoyed the good life if it's lost some people can't accept it. To me it's just stuff. But don't get me wrong. A nice summer drive in my Corvette with the top down is very enjoyable to me. A nice long hot shower without worry of running out of water is very enjoyable. Kinda like a catch 22.

So I'll live the good life until it ends, and then start the survival life. I'm as prepared as possible, and still try to add more each week. Now where can I get a semi to haul it all?

See Ya

Friday, December 25, 2009

The only words necessary

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to ALL.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Rain Rain Rain

Maybe I should have really checked the weather before leaving the city. Today it seems the entire state of Florida is going to take another soaking, with possible severe weather.

I had the time to escape to say Kentucky until the weather cleared. Oh well...time to hunker down and let it blow by. Have a few good books to read, and of course can sleep late.

As long as the net stays up I'll get all the news.

Added another flashlight to the preps. Have enough to last for about a hundred years. This is one of the hand crank models with 4 led's. Squeezed it about 20 times. Sounds like a tiny generator inside. Like the ones used on the bicycle lights of the 50's. It stayed light for two hours, and with about 10 more pumps was ready to go again. Gives plenty of light in the van. Cost $5.00. Will be interesting to see how long it lasts, and how it works outside.

Time for a can of salmon for lunch. Can't go fishing right now, but can still eat fish.

See Ya

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Time to leave

Friday and Saturday was range therapy. SIL and I managed to help the Black Friday mentality by buying 4,200 rounds of 22's. They came in box's of 525 for $25.50 a box. So we helped the local gun store to pay their rent for the day. $204.00 for two days of fun seemed to me money well spent.

The Colt AR 22 eats 30 rounds per mag, the 22 semi's eat 10 rounds per clip, and the 22 revolvers eat 6-9 for each round. Since I hate to reload mags, I have 30 for the Colt AR, and at least 10 each for the other 22 pistols.

The ammo was Federal 525 round value pack. 36 grain, copper plated, hollow point. The Colt AR's ate everyone of them. As did all the Rugers. The Browning Buck Mark(I have 4) had so many failures with this ammo that we came home with half the clips still loaded. The mis-fires were all used up in the Rugers, and the revolvers. Of course I favor the Smith revolvers. They eat everything I put in them.

Guns are cleaned, and back in the safe, except for a few that I carry with me in the van.

The van is gassed, cleaned, and re-stocked for at least another month. Time to hit the road to some where. The Ocala National Forrest seems to calling my name. Found some lots on line there that needs to be looked at. Not exactly what I want, but would be a nice place to park from time to time. They are close to the river, and my Sea Eagle needs to get wet again, as does the fishing lures.

See Ya

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Stuff your face with Turkey,mashed tatters or yams,stuffing,gravy,and at least two pieces of pie. I know I will.

Remember the men and women of our Armed Forces that allow us to continue free.

Kiss your kids and loved ones.

God Bless the USA

See Ya

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Stuck in the city for a week.

Today is only Wednesday. I feel like I have been in prison for a year. I'm stuck in the city for this week. Waiting for clips, and mags from the local gun store. Plus a few survival items ordered off the net shipped to my daughter's house. Plus I promised I would be in town for Turkey Day. I love her so here I am.

It's great not to have an address, or people knowing where they can find you. But it has it's draw backs. Been thinking about a PO box. But again another expense I can afford, but I'm trying to eliminate trails. So currently I have two places to keep stuff. My daughter, and my son. They are 100 miles apart. When I can find a piece of land I'll feel better. My Van can carry enough for me to last a month easy, but then when it's time to restock have to go to my stuff.

As long as I'm stuck in the city I have been checking the local store sales since it's Turkey week. Found some very good sales on can goods. Bought 120 cans of various vegetables for a total of $98.27. Some buy one get one free, others 10 for $10.00. But damn....they get heavy. Managed to put them all in my daughter's pantry. She had to ask me if I still think the SHTF is going to happen. I just smiled, and said I don't like to go grocery shopping very often.

I have a ton of supplies stored in several places, and have been thinking if something happens, how do I get to them. Something to think about. I do have it set up so both supplies are equal. That way I'm not short either place. But just the thought of moving either one makes me tired.

Another thought....What if it's only what you can carry without a truck, or van? I have both, and I know they would be useless without gas. The van is my house, so when gas is gone I can just park it, and live in it. Need to think of something to haul goods with other than a grocery cart. I have built trailers for bicycles that can carry quite a load. But they are only good for concrete travel. I don't plan on being on the roads.

Gotta find that land soon. Problem is I want it close enough for my family to get to. If it was just me I would already have something out west, or in upper Michigan. Family...Gotta try and take care of them even if they won't take care of themselves.

Well if by some miracle we survive what appears to be unfolding the supplies will not go to waste.

At least the week won't be a total waste. Range therapy planned for Friday, and Saturday. Back to the woods on Sunday.

See Ya

Saturday, November 21, 2009

News Today: Fat People Need to Hide

Scary: I would not advise fat people to go to Peru. Just when you thought the news could not get any worse. Peruvian gangs killing fat people to sell their fat to the cosmetics industry. Holy shit....Momma may be putting on lipstick from one of her relatives.The joke always was not kidnapping a fat person. Guess shooting one is ok. What the hell is next?

Now you see why I like the woods?

Se Ya

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Looking for Land again

Sometimes I think to much. I think squatters may have the right idea. Let the land owners fight the bullshit nanny requirements for what you can and cannot do with your own land. Then when they do catch you squatting just move on somewhere else. Unfortunately my morals would not let me use something without permission that does not belong to me. Still tempting sometime.

I had five acres which I got for a good deal. No money exchanged. Trades work very nice when both parties are happy. Of course when land or property changes hands the nanny government gets to change the rules. Didn't see that coming did ya?

Well to make a long story short I have a friend that loves to live in a deed restriction life style, and always runs for office of the HOA. When I told him of my problem he most graciously offered me a fine price to take it off my hands. Not wanting to screw a friend I asked him if the offer was serious, and he said yes. Sometimes there is a God. I now have the funds to look for another piece of land.

I did learn my lesson. Funny I forgot so easy. Guess it was just the sheer joy of having 5 acres to call my own. When we moved to Florida and was loking for a house I told my wife that we needed three requirements: High ground, two car garage and NO RESTRICTIONS. Since that was 28 years ago, and my wife has passed and not here to remind me I'll blame it on CRS.

So the search begins again. Any one have any info on vacant land available North of Clearwater Florida for sale?

Damn maybe now is the time to look for land in Texas. I think I could find my type of friends there. Gotta love a state for open carry.

On a brighter note-Today is Buy Ammo Day or as I like to say"Piss off Sarah Brady Day" You all will be glad to know I did my part for at least three people. Went to the range this morning and used 750 round as re-coil therapy for my bad mood, then went to my normal gun shop(we have ammo) and replaced it three fold. Also tonight plan on re-loading a bunch of 38's. I'm feeling better already.

Thanks for listening to my rant.

See Ya

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The More I See People The More I Like The Woods

I really hate coming out of the woods . If is was not for my kids I would not have to.

I may be old...But I like saying "Merry Christmas".

When I had a house I never cared if my neighbor's grass was three inches taller than mine. Or he had a car on blocks. Maybe his lawn mower was broke, and the car to, and maybe him to. I'd ask if he needed some help, and if he said no that was fine. He must be happy as is. Unless it's a health hazard it's his property. Oh shit...I forgot about property values. How are they now folks?

I read a lot of survival blogs (my kind of people)...Hate when some of my favorite's just disappear with out warning. What happened to them?

A friend that was down from Michigan, and I suggested a trip to the range. Opened the safe and asked him what he would like to shoot. His reply was "What the hell do you need so many for?" My reply...I have a limit?

Went to Radio Shack for some red dot batteries......Same shit. They wanted more info than the IRS...Folks all I want is to buy batteries not give you my life story. They did not get the info.

My girl friend lives in a 55 plus community. More shit....The condo commando's know my truck, and me. The last time I visited her I had not turned the motor off before one of them was at my door reminding me to put my visitor pass on the dashboard. I said forget it. Love to piss them off. Half of them don't even know their neighbor, but let a strange vechile show up?

Maybe I'm getting grouchy in my old age. I always believed in giving my customers something alittle extra and asking my neighbors if they needed help. Now I feel like I just want to be left alone, and I don't like that feeling. A man needs to work, and be part of a community. I can't bring back the 50's as I well know. But I'm damn sure going to start looking for new friends that still think the way I do. I do know the net has a lot of people that still think like I do....Think I'll start looking for some in Florida.

See Ya

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I admit by todays law I am a criminal

Criminal, criminal, possible domestic terrorist. Damn that would be me.

I now have two safes. One at my son-in-laws(ex-but still family to me), and the new one I just bought for my daughter's house. My ex son -in-law always seems to have money problems. Currently behind on his mortgage payments, light bill, water bill...You get the idea. Not a good place for my collection to reside. Besides that safe was already full, and about 25 new ones were taking up a lot of my storage space in the van. Legal? Don't give a shit...did it my way.

So new safe installed in daughter's house needed to be filled with guns from old safe, then old safe needed to be moved to daughter's house. You get the picture. So I load up my truck and head to daughter's house. Put the first load in safe. Call it a day. Only about three more loads to finish.

Go to the bank, post office, grocery store, Verizon phone store, and stop for gas. Time to head home to the van. Much to my surprise when I un-loaded my pockets what did I find.....The 38 derringer I had put in my pocket when unloading the safe so it would not get lost in the truck.

No I do not have a concealed carry permit. I am a Free American who believes the Second Amendment allows me to carry a fire arm. So for a short period today I was a criminal in the eyes of the law. Why don't I just break down and get the permit? Nah next time I'll just make sure it's in the glove box and I'll be legal. Still don't make sense to me.

Nobody was harmed during my short criminal career.

See Ya

Sunday, November 1, 2009

I'm having trouble staying out of the woods.

The woods feel like they are my private domain. I simply love the peace and solitude they provide. Setting in my lawn chair with a fresh cup of coffee, watching the sun come up over the meadow, starts my day. The only thing better is when I find a location with a stream flowing thru the woods. So as often as possible I'm in the woods.

I have promised my off-spring that I would stay tethered to the real world via the stupid cell phone. I do check in sometimes so they know I'm still alive. I called Saturday night to inform them that I was still alive, and doing just fine. SIL had to inform me that I'm missing a local gun show. He loves to be a smart ass sometimes.

Yes I made it back Saturday night in record time, picked up SIL at 0700 this morning, out to breakfast, and to the gun show. This is a very small local show held once a year. Mostly the same local collectors you see every year. I know quite a few of them. Was nice to see them again and rub in the fact I was re-tired.

Of course you know my weakness for wheel guns, and of course 22's in general. I could supply a small army with 22's. But what happens when you find a real gem? Damn it.

Ruger SPS 101 in 22. Stainless of course. I have never seen one before. I have the SPS 101 in 9mm. Guess I don't get out as often as I need to. So another 22 has to find some range time this week....Like Monday at 10:00am when the local indoor range opens. Another reason I like the woods. No time limits except darkness. Night vision next? Strange thoughts sometimes run around in my head.

Life is good

God Bless

See ya

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Quit Complaining and do something about it

Complaining about how the big bad banks are ripping you off? I'm really tired about hearing how stupid you are. Especially about all you GOOD customers. Pay your bill in full each month, never late with a payment, never had a over-limit. Think you are clever doing this. That will fix money made off me. Sorry to bust your bubble, but the stores that take your credit card have to pay the card for that privilege. If you carry a balance then both of you pay.
Strictly business folks. Yes I use credit cards, and pay them off every month. The first card that tries to charge me a fee goes to the shredder, and card gets cancelled. I'm not above getting an interest free loan for thirty days while my money makes interest. Their system, not mine.

I'll let you in on another secret. When paying in cash ask for a 3-5 percent discount. A lot of gas stations offer discounts for cash. That tell you anything? The seller don't like credit cards either, but as long as dumb people use them he needs to accept them or his competitor will.

Ever think prices could go down if credit cards disappeared? Novel thought?

A certain percentage of people always seem to think they are being picked on, or need something handed to them. Bullshit, this is America the land of opportunely. No body owes you a thing. I've worked for a dollar an hour, and I've worked for two hundred dollars an CHOICE.

Cash works two ways: When you spend it to buy something you now own it free and clear. The second: When your wallet is empty you can't buy more. Think about it.

Sorry about the rant...back to credit cards. Simply quit complaining about the charges, eat them and live with it, or DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

See Ya

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Tampa Gun Show Report Part II

I know I'm bad. I could not finish previous post because my services was requested for a rescue mission.....At any rate back to the Gun Show.

Half way into the show, and that damn little voice was still saying "Buy Me Buy Me". Getting tired of hearing that yet?

I'm working two isles at once. Looking at one table, and then turning around to see the other side. Well there she was in all her shinny luster. Some back round info. I have been collecting High Standard Firearms since 1963, and have yet to sell one. So the "Buy Me" did just that.

This is a Mitchell Arms Trophy II. Made in the USA in Fort Worth Texas. Just another reason to like Texas. It has all the correct paper work, and the original box. UNFIRED. Even has a spare clip. It's own little Monogrammed felt bag.

From a collector's stand point......WONDERFUL. They are gong to HATE me. Yes I intend to fire this baby this weekend. If I own it, and it's safe to gets shot.

See Ya

God Bless our Troops

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tampa Gun Show Report.

Well the garage is finished, and home to the Corvette, and the storage facility is still full. I need to empty the storage facility, and get the stuff to the garage.

But the woods keep calling, and I keep answering.

But there was a gun show in Tampa this weekend. I resisted Saturday. I actually worked on the storage facility. I know it needs to be done...but there was a gun show. Resisting is difficult. Maybe not even an option. Well normally most of the good stuff goes the first day. However sometimes some collectors can only set up on Sundays. Also sometimes prices are reduced close to closing time. Remember resistance is difficult.

You knew I was going to the gun show Sunday right? When I walked in I heard this little voice in my head say "Buy Me, Buy Me". It seemed to be coming from the center of the show. When ever I go to a gun show I always do the outside walls first, and then up and down each isle. The voice in my head was still saying "Buy Me". Where was my treasure? Midway and not found yet...Was my voice wrong.

Part II next.

See Ya

Friday, October 16, 2009

Rain and small quarters

Well this is the first time for me to be in the woods when it rained ALL day. Family and friends have been telling me ever since I bought the "Little One", that I should have bought something bigger. At least 32'. Well they are wrong. Woke up this morning some where around daylight, fried up some bacon and eggs. Bacon always helps the mood. Would have preferred to cook outside, but the two burner range worked just fine.

Cleaned up the pans, and stove. Tackled my body next. All went well, and with a coffee and cigarette re-tired to the rear of the coach to read my favorite blogs. That took to lunch time.

Not wanting to cook anything hot opened one of my storage foods. A can of salmon. Add some red onion, and a little for the Gods.

The back of the coach can be a king sized bed, or a dinette. I always leave it as a bed, because I added a full size mattress for comfort, and have no place to store the mattress. Plus there is a table that can be used with the two front seats. The passenger seat also folds back to make a single bed. Folded half way makes it comfortable for an afternoon nap which I accomplished with no problem. The TV(have no use for it except to use the DVD player) provides additional entertainment.

The only inconvenience I have found is doing laundry. There is plenty of storage space for T shirts, shorts, socks, and jeans which is all I usually wear. I have enough to last a month before I need to do laundry. If I am lucky enough to be near family they are kind enough to do it for me. Otherwise I have to do it. Takes lots of quarters.

The Road trek is VERY comfortable for one, and adequate for two. It has everything my condo had except for the washer and dryer. My girl friend would like a larger shower. I have a portable outside shower(with hot and cold water) which is nice to use in warm weather.

So far I am comfortable with my living arrangements. The best part is the freedom to go anywhere I like. That's what it is all about.

See Ya

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The safe is safe

Up at o dark thirty. First stop for food and more important a couple of gallons of leaded caffeine to help open the eyes. I usually enjoy early starts, but not when I did not get to bed until 2am.
But sometimes a good book is hard to put down.

140 miles later the safe is loaded on the trailer, tied down, and ready to leave for it's new home. Three hours later we were parked in front of the garage. I asked where it was going, and to my surprise my son-in-law said "In the spare bedroom". Ya right. Down a two turn hallway,thru the door, and a 90 degree turn to the closet. Add to the fact the carpet. OK time to think. I have moved 8000 pound machinery with 1/2" dia steel bars and a crow bar on concrete with no problems. Going into the garage found two pieces of 3/4" plywood, which will protect the carpet. Sometimes I show sparks of genius. Ha this is one of those times. I have four steel plates with wheels on all four corners that car tires fit in for moving cars in close quarters. By leaning back the safe two was placed under it...repeat for the front, and voila safe on wheels. Laying down the plywood, and roll the safe as needed. One hour job is done, and it's Pizza and beer time.

So the safe is in it's new home, and partially filled. Now son-in-law needs to save his money to fill the empty spots. lol

See ya

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Retirement the other type of work

Retirement is hard work. Ya I hear all of you that would trade places with me. Keep working you'll get there.

Up at 6am this morning. Washed and waxed the truck, and started to do the same with the MH when I received a call from son-in-law who had the day off. He wanted to go look at a gun safe some guy had for sale. Let me see...go look at a gun safe, or work on the MH? The gun safe now has to be picked up.....that's for tomorrow. See my work is never done. It's now 6pm and time for dinner. After dinner 20 mags to fill for Thursday range day. Always something.

I do try to read my favorite blogs everyday. They are my new found friends, and I enjoy all of them. What hurts when some just reasons found. I feel like a death has happened when that occurs. Some are kind enough to state a reason and for that I am grateful.

I am not the best writer, so my posts are sporadic at best. Perhaps as retirement continues I'll have the time to post more of my travels. Right now I'm just adjusting.

See Ya

Sunday, October 4, 2009


I have tried my best to stay away from all political bullshit today.

Cleaned 14 guns, and reloaded the 12 mags I shot up last Thursday.

Watched Tampa Bay get their ass kicked again. Now watching Dallas.

Even during my enjoyment of watching football games my lousy government has to bombard me with "smoke free" Florida. Thank God for the mute button. Tax the shit out of me to "save the children", and then piss the money away on prime time tv. Well you ain't going to get me to quit smoking that's for sure.

Got some more preps this month. I failed to remember that toilet paper does get used up. lol Also bought a couple dozen tooth brushes, a couple of dozen lighters, and a few shirts, and pants(tree bark cameo).

I really need to find a way to store food on vacant land without using a building. Anybody got any idea's? Florida's heat and humidly are not my friends for this project. The MH has it's limits, and it would be nice to have stashed food on my land. I'm not yet ready to put up a building. More research seems to be needed. Perhaps less range time and more research? That's not going to happen. Still have three rifles, and one pistol that have not been shot yet.

Salmon patties for dinner tonight, and they need me to make them. Tummy says do it now.

See Ya

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Have to love those wheel guns

New addition to the family of wheel guns. I do like wheel guns. Smith & Wesson 22-4 Thunder Ranch 45.

I believe Federal used to make the 45 Rim brass so the half moon clips were not necessary. At any rate I believe they are now hard to find. I think I'll do some research. At any rate I own 6 wheel guns in the 45 caliber. So many many years ago while I was on Midway I noticed that they had 10,000 rounds of 45 rim brass for sale. Yep I own them. So I'm in pretty good shape.

Range time again for this week end. I think this week end will be strictly 45's.

See Ya

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Range Report

The family that shoots together has a lot of fun.

Number one son still loves the Glock.

Number two son still loves his v10

Dad just loves them all. I'm sorry but the Glock still feels funny to me. I think it's just the weight or lack of. It shoots just fine right out of the box. First 50 rounds was factory ammo, and the next 950 rounds was my reloads. Oh shit there goes my warranty. Number one son states the trigger needs to be reworked. I disagree, because he likes a trigger pull to be way to light. Breathe on his it goes off. On any of my weapons that other people may shoot the trigger pulls are factory. On my personal weapons that nobody else shoots I do have adjustments-especially my wheel guns. And I do LOVE my wheel guns.

The Glock 30sf may be carried during the warmer times. More range time is required. It did function without one hick-up.

Of course number two son had to slip in his Colt AR22, and bring it to the range as well. For his punishment Number one son and dad shot up two thousand rounds of his ammo, and have no intention of replacing it. Serves him right. If he would have asked we would have brought ours, and used our own ammo.

The best part was that I got to spend the day with two men I love very much. Two men I have faith in to carry on the fight for our second ammendments right. Two men who strongly stand up for their own ideas, and refuse to lower their standards. They make me proud.

See Ya

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Family Tradition-Willing to Dis-agree

How in the hell do I delete pictures uploaded by mistake? Help.

My number one son loves Glocks. He now has three. My number two son(actually son-law but son #2) sucks up to me because I have always been a 1911 man.

Our favorite gun store favors Glocks, although they never have trouble selling me another high end 1911. lol

Tomorrow the three of us are headed to the range Willing to Dis-agree. Number one son will be shooting Glocks, and number two son will be shooting my 1911's. And me....he he will be shooting all of them.

Again I have never been against change or not willing to try something new, so I have added a Glock 30sf to the safe. Two reasons-if I like it could be a nice summer carry here in Florida. Current carry is: Springfield Armory V10 Ultra Compact. For general target plinking we will use the Springfield Armory NM Trophy Match.

3000 rounds are in the ammo box. Glad I have two young fellows as ammo carriers. You know how heavy 3000 rounds of 45 is?

One thing does piss me off right from the word go. Glock's manual says I cannot shoot re-loads . To do so may damage the gun, and void the warranty. WTF All my good old American guns shoots what ever I put thru them. You can bet your ass this Glock will to, or my number one son gets another Christmas present. I have not discussed this with him yet. I know he has been reloading since he was 16, and I doubt he would buy factory ammo just for his three Glocks. He did tell me not to shoot lead thru a Glock. Pussy gun. I'll give it the hardball, and save the lead for the wheel guns-they love to eat anything.

So we will see what tomorrow brings at the range. I promise an honest unbiased report. He He

See Ya

Monday, September 7, 2009

Re-tired Have to love it

When I was working I was lucky enough to get to the range once a month. Since I retired I now can go every day if I feel like it. Thus far two days a week seems to satisfy my re-coil therapy. However since acquiring two new items to add to the safe I feel this week will require more work. They are nice, but my M-1 is still the old stand by. Enough said.
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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Range Time Monday-An all day job

Enough said.

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Electricity for the garage

Electricity for the garage is progressing slowly. First of all running the conduit thru the attic all the way across my daughters house took a toll on this old body. Damn I'm not 30 any more. Hot, Hot, Hot. Took 6 cold drinks to go from the garage up the attic and across the house. But juice to the Toy Box is required. Not only does it store the "Red Hot Momma" I intend to put a small lathe, and mill in to. Equipment to have just in case. We have a generator, but only as a back up. What a man won't do for his car. But let me tell you something about my special car.

She is a 1964 Corvette Convertible. Riverside Red, black top, and black interior. Her nick name was "Red Hot Momma". She was sold in Detroit Michigan on April 1st 1964 to my dad. Motor is a 327, with the 2 speed slush box.(Mom could not drive a stick). I was 23, and being a child of the 50's and living in Michigan going fast was a way of life. My ride at the time was a 289 three speed Mustang. My dad's vette ate me alive. I kidded him when I said leave me the vette in your will.

In 1969 my brother stole the vette from my parents, and ended up in California. They did not recover the car for a year. When it did return it was missing more than a few parts, and the interior was trashed. Since my parents refused to press charges their insurance paid nothing. Plus my dad had fallen on hard times work wise. My parents had always been frugal, and the Corvette was their reward. He put the Corvette in the garage. The car was still drive able, but my dad was a neat freak. That car would not leave the garage until it looked like the day he drove it home. He started saving dollar bills in an envelope he called his car fund. For his birthday , and Christmas he requested $10.00(nothing more would be accepted)in one dollar bills. During the next 10 years I had offered to help with the money to repair the car. My dad always refused saying he never bought me a car, so I could not buy him one.

In 1980 "Red Hot Momma" drove out of the garage looking as good as the day my dad brought her home. It took my dad 10 years to save the money for the repairs. I was so proud of my dad.
In 2003 my dad was diagnosed with lung cancer, and given 3 months to live. I owned my own business at the time, and took off for the time he had left. We spent 24/7 together. That was the best three months of my life. When he knew time was short he told me to take good care of "Red Hot Momma", and handed me the keys. So you see there is nothing to good for "Red Hot Momma". She has always been garage stored, and washed and waxed every week. So when I closed my shop she HAD to have an adequate home.

Since my name is the same as my dad's, I have not needed a new title, so the car is still a one owner. I know my dad is proud the car will be taken care of, and every time I drive it he rides with me.

God Bless

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Helping those that deserve it

When the shop was still operating we always had people come by to check out the dumpster for metal scraps. Normally this occurred after hours. It seemed there has been an increase of this activity.

I was always the first to arrive since I liked a cup of fresh coffee, and some quiet time before the normal routine started. That was how I met Mark. Skinny guy, unkempt beard, just wearing a beat up pair of shorts, and tennis shoes. He was pushing a shopping cart with two garbage cans, and a variety of buckets strapped to it. The amazing part was the broom and shovel. When he completed his chip removal from the dumpster he swept up any that fell to the ground. His haul was separated by material, and size.

Talking to him showed he was intelligent, hardworking, proud, and polite. I know he would have made some-one a very good employee. I told him I would save all our chips, and scrap in garbage cans in the shop, and he was to come in each day and get them. When he did I had him sweep up around the machines and gave him $20.00. He said the chips were enough and the money was not necessary.

I asked him one day if he lived close by, and he replied that he was homeless and lived in the woods. I had a tent stored from camping years ago, and asked if he would like to have it.

He told me a couple of days later how nice it was to have a place to sleep that did not leak. We are in the rainy season here in Florida and it rains every day. Sometimes very hard.

After the auction was over and the shop cleaned out Mark came by to thank me for the scrap I had saved for him. That's when I had an idea. The building is in foreclosure, and I have no idea what or when something will happen to it. The water has been shut off since mid February. Everything sold at auction including the air condition system. I know how hot that cement building gets in the Summer without air as I endured the heat for three years before I could afford it.

I told Mark he could have the use of my unit until somebody made him leave. I bought him a box fan, and an electric fry pan, groceries, and 20 gallons of water in the one gallon size. I told him that the electric will still be on for at least 6 months. I know the cost and paid at least that amount in advance. I still have the company name, and mail so that will not be a problem.
The toilet works, as long has you fill the tank. At least he can have a dry safe place to stay for awhile.

It breaks my heart to see one American person homeless. If each of us would just help one person in what ever way possible to make their life a little easier?

He never asked for charity, worked every day, and only asked for something I threw away. To the best of my knowledge he does not drink,smoke, nor stand on a street corner begging with a cardboard sign.

But for the grace of God go I.

God Bless

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Thursday, August 20, 2009


Four days without TV. What a pleasure it has been. Turn yours off just for a day, and feel the joy. The silence is golden. Lack of knowledge from the government? Didn't need it. Commercials? Only for idiots? Don't need them. The radio is for country music. Now if I can only get rid of the commercials.

Being free from being a wage slave is the nicest gift I could have ever received. Should have done it years ago. Work to live, not live to work. Do you really need that big flat screen TV, the five bedroom house, four bathrooms, that new SUV every two years? My current "House" is 20' long, and 8' wide. Has a king size bed,bath & shower,fridge,stove,micro-wave,ac, it's own power plant for electricity, and the best part it moves anytime I want it to. In the last four days I have lived in Naples, and Clear water. Tomorrow it will be North port(very nice gun range there) After the range time perhaps bass fishing. This because I am debt free.

People I beg of you-shed the past life of spending more than you make. Tear up the credit cards and return to cash only. Cash is king. If you don't have it you can't spend it. Big item-save for it. I took a 38k lose on the condo, pennies on the shop auction. I was able to do this because I OWNED everything free and clear. Regrets? Not a one. Down size to a smaller house, buy a used car, learn to grow some of your own food, plan for the time you can get along on the minimum amount of cash to live a good life. The time you have free for yourself will be priceless. Just think about getting up on your natural rhythm(not by an alarm clock). Eating when you feel hungry, being able to devote your time to just what you want to do. I could gone on and on but I think you get the idea. Yes I know my new lifestyle is not for every one-but it works for me.

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Auction over

Today I'm setting in the woods recovering from the auction and after effects.

The sharks came in with teeth and stripped the building to the bare walls. No mercy given, take no prisoners, steal everything. $.10 on the dollar used to be the norm. $.03 on the dollar seemed to be the new standard. But guess what? I WIN. Everything in the shop was paid for, and I hope the winners can use what they got for as long as time allows. My knowledge leaves with me, and I could always do it again. Ya right.

I have no debt, no condo, no shop, no OBLIGATIONS to no one but me. PRICELESS.

Nanny government please kiss my a**, no more taxes from me. I often wonder how local governments, and the feds can be so stupid to tax small business's out of business. The taxes they took could have gone to three more employee's wages, whose taxes would have covered what they took from the business, and three more people would have been employed. But what do I know? I guess I still care, but that to will pass.

Monday I turn off the power, and phone. I have been living out of the camper since the condo sold, and am quite used to the new life style, so nothing new in that respect. Damn sure saving lots of money. No light bill, no property taxes,no phone bills. Just the overhead from the shop for one month will provide enough money for me to last 6 months in my new life style. And I can move anytime I like. Even if gas were to go to $5.00 a gallon I don't care. I would just stay in one place longer, my own paid for un-improved land.

To you preppers stay the course-it can be done. I have done it. Freedom is still alive.

To those wishing to continue the norm-pay off everything, and stay debt free. Good luck.

To my friends in the blog world-one day I may pull up in your drive way.

See Ya

See Ya

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New Toy Box Finished

I won't bore you with the 10,000 pics of construction....maybe 100 anyway, because I'm to busy with the auction people. Tomorrow is the day. Got my rabbit's foot and the good wishes from Brigid, so how can I go wrong.
See Ya

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Quick Up Date

Very short of time. Need 31 hours in each day. All things coming together at same time.

That should be a good thing.

Garage was put up in less than 6 hours. Garage door will be installed 8/10/09. Corvette now has a new home.

I finally gave in and joined the 20Th century-I now have my first cell phone, so my kids can keep track of their feeble old man. The past cell phone was for the company, and I only used it to make outgoing calls, so they could never reach me on that one. Ha Ha.

Shop for all practical reasons is shut down. The auction men were in today and spread out everything and posted lot numbers on everything, so no more machines running. Boring.
Just here now for 8 hours a day to answer phone calls.

Pictures of garage construction will be posted later. No pics of shop, or the auction will be taken. I'll keep the memories of a full operating shop instead-happy days make better memories.

See Ya

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Cement done

Cement poured. Pictures at a later date. No time now.

Garage to be delivered 8/4/09. Six hours later should be done.

Shop auction still on for 8/12/09.

Fishing poles clean, oiled, and ready to use. Camper loaded, gassed, and ready.

Life is good.

See Ya

Friday, July 24, 2009

Does this look like a garage?

Patience my ass-getter done.
Finally something is started. Sometimes when friends wish to do you a favor you should just say no thank you. For two months nothing had been done. OK you guys were busy, but you are getting PAID to do this job. So it's a small fill in job? You gave me the price quote, and I agreed so GETTER DONE!
Yesterday they arrived about 6pm with the wood and metal mesh for the form work. Dropped the material in the yard, and then said they had to go get their tools. WFT? Came back in an hour. Set up the form, and then decided no digging was necessary, but fill dirt was. Damn they do this for a living. Wouldn't you thunk they would have seen this when they gave the quote?
Fortunately I have a friend who responded at 8pm with the required fill dirt. Shit I'm now the project manager instead of the customer?
I have been promised the concrete will be poured Saturday. Perhaps as project manager I could have one of them buried in the concrete and save some material? Just kidding..not.
What I have experienced thus far seems to be common for Florida contractors. Seems to be a need for some good project managers to change this, perhaps a new job for me? Just kidding. August 12th is still the end of my working days.
See ya

Monday, July 20, 2009

I'm doing what?

Sixteen hour days again? WTF? Yep the time is getting short-auction is August 12Th.

Have two employees working again probably till the end of the month. My customers know that I am shutting the doors, and all want a few jobs done before then. Hard to say no. Plus still have a ton of personal items to remove before auction.

Thanks Brigid. Hope your birthday August 121Th is a good omen-it should be.

See Ya

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

August 12th-AUCTION TIME

Well things are at least starting to move. The shop auction is scheduled for the 12Th of August.

The concrete for the garage at my daughter's is scheduled to be poured the 25Th of July. Three weeks after that the building is supposed to be erected. Now lets getter done.

Still a ton of stuff to remove from the shop before the auction. Busy, Busy, Busy.

Gotta love it when a plan comes together. Have that special bottle of Jack ready to celebrate.

see ya

Friday, July 3, 2009

Half of the handcuffs just fell off my hands.

Half the handcuffs are gone. The condo is sold.

Guess what Largo? That $1700.00 in property tax is now mine. Gives me some extra smoke money.

Guess what Progressive Energy? That average power bill of $200.00 a month.....yep mine now. Might help to pay a seat-belt fine.

A yes Verizon phone service? No need for that either....never did like you. Plus a $100.00 a month sucks for the right to call 911

Unfortunately the garage project at my daughters has not been started yet. Target for concrete is now the last weekend this month. Grrrrrrrr.

Selling off the shop is going slow to. Looks like the end of August to wrap that up. But heh it's moving.

August 1st target date to hit the road was probably just wishful thinking with all that had to be done. Might slip in a four day trip to a local campground for a small break.

See ya

Thursday, July 2, 2009


All is not right in paradise. I feel like the state of Florida is becomming a commie state.

July 1st added another $1.00 a pack cigarette tax. Ya I know sin tax-MAKE me quit smoking. How would you golfers like to pay an extra $1.00 for each golf ball? It's still called freedom, and the nanny government keeps taking it away piece by piece.

July 1st Florida lawmen can now pull you over for not wearing your seat belt-fine $101.00 Heard a small clip of the news on my way home from work last night that they wrote 200 tickets first day.$20,200.00 for the state of Florida. Damn nice paycheck for one day. Of the 200 violators non of them lost their life for not wearing a seat belt, and no seat belts were hurt in the excerise.

After I got home,and released myself from the straight jacket-aka seat belt I jumped on my motorcycle and took a short freedom ride. God freedom is wonderful.

See ya

Monday, June 22, 2009

Love and Children and Freedom

Spent Friday, Saturday, and half of Sunday in the woods.

Enjoyed Sunday afternoon with my son & daughter treating me to "Father's Day".

Realized that with modern technology you can hide out in the woods without anyone knowing that is where you are at. Lap top with Verizon air card keeps me hooked to the modern world. However it does have a good off button, so when I want my privacy "off" works real well.

My children remember well the travel trailer we had in the woods when they were growing up. Every weekend we would leave the city for the "woods". The dark nights made the stars so bright you thought you could reach up and touch them. Camp fires until 3am, hiking, fishing, and some of the best times were had. The best part was that we were basically cut of from the rest of the world. Dependant on what we had, and our own ability. Yes there was a town 35 miles away, but no neighbors with-in 10 miles. We used to joke about how long we could survive living off the land.

So why do my children criticize my desire to do this full time? My camper van is a rolling house with ALL the comforts they have in their house. King size bed, toilet, shower, air conditioning, refrigerator, stove, micro-way, coffee pot, battery back-up, and a generator. Now that I think of it my camper has more than the house does.

So since Sunday was my day I decided to ask my kids point blank why they did not like the idea. Well point blank their reason was that they would miss me to much. We have always been a close loving family, and became even closer after my wife died. Every Monday I have dinner at my daughters, and there are the range days, and fishing trips with my son.

So we have decided to start off slow. I'll start with being gone for a month, and then return for a month, and see how that goes. I do love my children, but I love my freedom to. Damn how to handle this?

August first is day one of freedom.

See ya

Friday, June 19, 2009

See Ya Monday

Time to head for the woods.

See Ya

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Life is good

How has this recession-depression--preparation-self sufficiency-climate change-total cluster f**k government control-high bullet prices-high gas prices-high food prices-crime increasing-and any other gloom and doom effected me?

Not in the least bit. I still have a roof over my head that does not leak, a comfortable bed to sleep in, and a full stomach. Life is good.

Since I have always been a pack rat, I have always had more of everything I needed by buying in quantity when ever possible. I also always use less than I have. Having lived for 68 years now I am totally debt free. No mortgage, no car payment, no credit card bills.

I have a years food supply on hand, a piece of junk land, a camper van for travel, and a condo for city living. Still trying to sell the condo. At today's prices I would lose around 38k from the purchase price. Don't care-remember money is only a means of exchange.

Right now I figure I could hold out for at least a year with no income at all. Life is good.

Why did the greed, and super high living have to destroy this great country? Will we recover? We had better-third world living will really suck. We did it before so folks the recovery had better start soon. Cash is king-credit used wisely is still a tool to improve your living standard. However the major rule to success and easy living: Ya can't spend more than you make-easy to say-really hard to do for the majority of the spoiled generation. Learn from your mistakes.

See ya

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Fun Sunday

Oh the joy-range time today.

200 rounds of 22 thru the Browning Buck Mark

100 rounds thru the Smith & Wesson 686

Life is good.

Back to the re-loader.

See ya

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Monday, June 8, 2009

Used to be steel and wood-now black & plastic

I planned to spend the week-end in the woods. That is until my son reminded me of the gun show in Tampa. Well the last one had nothing of of interest(UN godly prices),and no ammo to speak of. But wtf it's a gun show. The law is if there is a gun show your attendance is mandatory. Just like driving a convertible(top down except in rain), and yes lower them side windows.

Back to the gun show. I did go to the woods, but promised my son I'd pick him up Sunday morning. We arrived just as the parking gates opened. About 5Th in line-got front row parking, but still had to wait for another half hour for the show gates to open. We made a good choice to stand in line at the gate. Before the gates opened there was probably 150 people already backed up.

Ticket gates opened, and guess what-you are right-stand in another line to get into the show after walking what seems two miles to the gun show building. I'm getting to old for this shit.(need a service golf cart) Doors opened five minutes late, and the flood of bodies flowed in.

Did I wake up in Black Plastic Hell? Seems the entire show was Glock, and AR-15's. Row after row after row. Did I do something very wrong in my childhood to deserve this punishment?
Ah but looking very closely on the second pass around little gems of stainless, and blued wheel guns,semi-auto's, my beloved 1911's,appeared in very small spots. Time for serious hunting now. I refuse to pay $1200.00 for a Python, since I already own two. This price continues thru-out the hunt.

Then the Gun Show God's smiled down on me. In a glass case at the end of Glock row there appeared a beautiful Colt Mustang 380. My son's favorite carry in hot weather. His is showing wear, and this one could be a nice Father's gift for him. Asking the price however blew the deal out of the water. $1400.00 for a 380? Not on my watch. However also in the case is a Browning Buckmark 22 semi-automatic. Now this is a brand I have collected for many years. My heart, and wallet was flapping. Asking the vendor to see the gun I noticed that a scope mount was on the top(meaning no rear sight) Asking if he might have the rear sight he replied no-since 22's were not his forte. When I turned over the price tag my wallet just came flying out of my pants. I did not even ask for a better price. The price you ask? $150.00 And it's a real steel and wood target grip BROWING. There really is a Gun Show God for this old man.

After a couple of cigarettes, and a Pepsi we went back inside to look for reloading supplies. Got lucky again-found the powder I needed at fair price(no ripe off like primers), and yes I bought more than I would usually buy. So hate me. I shoot at least 200-400 rounds a week at the range, so I did not buy it just to hoard.

My son wandered away while I was finishing the purchase, and when I caught up to him he had a very unique weapon in his hand. He said Dad this has your name on it.In his hand was a "Taurus" Judge. It has a cylinder that looked 5 miles long and shoots a .410, and the 45 long colt. Damn why couldn't Smith & Wesson make this. I am NOT a fan of Taurus. I'm a sucker for odd ball weapons for my collection. Like my stainless .30 Auto-mag pistol, and my .30 Carbine pistols.

Yes I bought the damn thing. Now I have to find 45 long colt ammo. Found that to-but paid high dollar. But I will have 300 cases to re-load after firing what was purchased.

All in all I did add a nice Browning to my collection, and a wonderful day spent with my son.

Next Sunday-range time!

See Ya

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Back-up Back-up Back-up Back-up

In the world of computers the first thing all idiots that use them need to learn is the fact that they break.

I am an idiot. I keep forgetting that computers break. I must be suffering from ICRS. So with my feeble brain I try my best to remember the "gospel" back-up your info. How do I do that? I have an external hard drive, three computers, and a dozen data travel 2g flash sticks.

Well this morning my number one computer continued to freeze up about every five minutes forcing a re-boot, and really pissed me off because of the time factor involved. So take it out of the system I said. Lets take this baby apart and find the problem.

But first need to install back-up computer. Fairly simple, unplug componets, and replace with second computer. Shit-new computer can't use old printer(out dated drivers). Trip home to get right printer. OK new system for work related needs up and running.

I have certain blogs that I enjoy reading every day, so I have these on all my computers, and flash drives. I go to my list, only to find half of them missing on this computer. WTF?
Damn I hate Vista. This is the only computer loaded with Vista.

OK Finally all that is needed is now on this computer. Now since I have TWO external hard drives, this computer is now backed up on both external hard drives. Being stupid has cost me the better part of two days to get back to where I started. Did I learn anything? Probabely not, but I sure have enough equipment to play with.

Life without Home on the Range, and Hermit Jim is not an option. Open land,guns,and coffee are a man's necessity's. So for stress relief this week-end head for the woods, pop off a 100 rounds, and drink a gallon of coffee.

See Ya

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Time to getter done

Ever since my landlord filed for bankruptcy(November 20, 2008) I have been in limbo regarding my status as a tenant. I had already decided to quit working and just auction off the shop.

Where has the time gone? I guess I am just to damn lazy to getter done.

Well today I have decided to change that. One of my major concerns was my 1964 Corvette Convertible. I just can't part with it, and the cost for storage is out of the question. So what to do? Well my daughter has a very large lot. Sooo since she is so nice, and I love her very much I have deceived to build a 15' x 20' steel building in the back of her yard. The cost will be equal to one year of storage fees.

So calling on a few of my old customers I received enough work for the shop to cover the cost of the building. That's the reason I have been offline so long. Been working those 70 hour weeks again. Only this time it's for a good reason.

Also have had help from my son, and a few of his friends making progress to clean up the shop and get rid of stuff. They have hauled 400 pounds of scrap aluminum , and 700 pounds of scrap steel so far, and are about half done. So we are making progress. I love it when a plan comes together.

The first of June I'm calling my auctioneer and hopefully the shop will be gone by July 31. That's the target date to say see ya.

So Sunday we are all going to the range, and kill some paper targets.

See ya.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Water storage & usage

Water-the gift of life.

Today when I need a refreshing drink of water all that is needed is to put the glass under the facet and turn it on. Some where in the back round marvelous things happen. From the original source, be it a river, lake, reservoir, or storage tank water flows to the city for distribution. The city runs the water thru their system to insure that you have safe drinking water, and Viola I just filled my glass. Now what happens when you don't have that luxury??

Yesterday I carried 50 one gallon jugs of drinking water to the woods. No well yet, and no electricity. For the UN-informed water weighs 8.6 pounds per gallon, and I believe the minimum daily requirements for an adult is one gallon per day. So first to the grocery store to purchase the water. Load the cart. Transport to parking lot load 50 one gallons jugs in truck. Drive to destination, and of course carry to desired spot. That's a shit pile of work for an old man. Also with no waste, and only for drinking I have a supply of 50 days maybe. Perhaps on a hot day I may drink 2 gallons. You see what I mean.

When you have to supply your own water life gets very interesting. So when I arrived home to the condo I took that nice long hot shower to soak these tired bones. Had I spent the night in the woods a GI shower would be required. Of course that deducts from your limited supply.

Inquisitive minds need to know. How many gallons does your toilet require to flush. I know there are high tech ones out there, but how about yours? Mine takes 4 gallons per flush.!!!! If your nose could stand it flushing just once a day uses 28 gallons per week. Holy shit. Just think: hauling 240.8 pounds of water every week just to flush your toilet once a day. I guess out houses were a requirement during those early days. Nice to live in modern times. So now think what would happen if you had to supply your own water. Scary? Just food for thought. I won't add the water for the washer, or dishwasher. In hard times with limited supply a lot of water requirements would change very quickly. Like the Boy Scouts say "be prepared". With that said I think it's nap time.

See Ya

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Tough month so far-Hope it gets better.

It's hard to lose some-one, and people handle grief in different ways. I have spent the last four days in the woods. It reminded me of my child hood in Michigan. The woods give me peace. The wind wraps me in it's embrace,the birds sing,the smells are clean.

Good by Mom-I love you. 5/02/09 Saw you go to heaven. I'm glad you lived a fairly long life, but yet a short 88 years. I'm glad you had me young. You were just 19 when I came into your life.

I'm glad we lived in the era that allowed you to be a stay at home Mom. Dad went to war the year I was born, leaving you to handle the whole load. I did not see Dad until I was almost 4. So you and I started together, as a family. After Dad came home, and my brother was born it seemed that I was pushed into the background. I undoubtedly did not know this at that early age, but it did become apparent as we grew older.

I was the first born. I was expected to get good grades, I was expected to know right from wrong, I was expected to protect my brother and look out for him. They were rocky times huh Mom? He could do no wrong, and at times it seemed I could do no right. I know he caused you pain with the stealing, forged checks, but he was your baby. You and Dad stood by him. I'm glad you did. I became stronger because I had to take care of myself.

My brother died at the age of 24 in an accident while driving drunk. You and dad took it pretty hard. Dad passed at age 84. You lived an additional 4 years. Now hopefully the three of you are joined together again.

I was blessed with a mother and father that lived as man and wife for 64 years before one passed. I'm a lucky man. So Mom where ever you are, know that I loved you, and tried to do the best for you these last four years.

Today is a tough day.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

When its time to die do you know?


I am now free,
The restrictions placed upon me
By the confines of my physical limitations
Are of no concern.

Fight is swift, but effortless.
The joy cannot compare
to any I have ever known.I am free.

My soul was in trapped in a body,
Ageing constantly to the point of rage.

The soul now flies free
I see the light of the stars.The rush of the wind tingles,
Like a cold morning breeze.

To feel the love of those behind me,
The joy of those who have gone before.

There is peace as I finally see my God.
I will wait ,for in time you too will come.

The Light,The Joy,The Love

I lost my wife, and both parents in a three year period. With all of them I was able to say what needed to be said, and held their hands as they passed.

Yes a lot of grief for me, and a lot of relief for them. But they KNEW when it was time. Both my wife and dad died from diseases they had fought for years, so we were some what prepared, and knew they were going to die. But they seemed to know the day they were going to die. Both called the family together, did what was needed, and passed with-in days of the meeting. My mother called me to come see her, and when I arrived she held mine hand and said it was time to go meet dad. She just quit breathing, and died.

My wife made it to 60, my dad 84, and my mother to 87. Life is precious, but oh so short. Kiss a loved one today. They say time heals all wounds, but sometimes it takes a long time.

God Bless

Monday, April 27, 2009

I'll drive it until we have no gas.

My dad was a GM man all his life. I have been a GM owner ever since I was old enough to buy my own cars and trucks. I believe if every person who worked for GM would buy a GM product they would still be number one.
I've heard all the arguments-bad products,shitty service,foreign cars better, foreign cars cheaper, your right to choice. In the end when your job is gone tell me about all the bad shit GM did.
If you work for the company all of the above complaints is YOUR fault. It's your responsibility to build a quality product. One YOU can drive with pride. There is an old saying in the car business that says "The salesman sells the car-The service department sells all the rest"
I guess I just feel sad that GM may go away. My 1964 Corvette looks just as good as the day it was built, and has given me over 100,000 miles of trouble free service. My latest 2002 Silverado 1500 has 70,000 hard miles on it, and is going strong. My 2004 Chevy van camper only has 16,000 on it, and it did need an alternator right after the warranty expired. But then it sets a lot. I'll drive Chevies until I die, but I'll be sad if the only ones I can find are used.
See ya

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The year 1959

I was so lucky to have grown up in the 50's. We lived on 5 acres, at the end of a dirt road. No neighbor had less than 5 acres, and their houses were not seen unless it was winter. We walked to school, or rode our bicycles if we were lucky enough to have one. Our play grounds were the woods, a sandlot baseball field, or a neighbors yard. We had fathers, uncles,neighbors, that took us hunting and fishing. Everybody knew everybody. Some had troubles-neighbors helped.
I thumbed my way back and forth to the summer job at the golf course which I started at age 9.

Life had a slower pace then. Family dinner every night included all members of the family. Sunday dinners was spent at Grand parents houses. My first car at age 16 in 1959 was a 1947 Plymouth business coupe. Cost $25.00. Life was good. I miss those times.

Well at least today I have the 5 acres back. Florida may not be Michigan, but at least I don't have to shovel snow. It's nice to take a lawn chair, set out in the woods and watch the sun come up with a cup of coffee in hand, listening to mother nature. Going to build a little shack in the middle so I can escape this crazy world we live in today from time to time to regain my sanity, and just to get out of the noise.

In 1959 the USA looked like this:

1. Yearly Inflation Rate USA 1.01%

2. Average Cost of new house $12,400.0019.

3. Average Yearly Wages $5,010.00

4. Cost of a gallon of Gas 25 cents

5. Average Cost of a new car $2,200.00

6. Movie Ticket $1.00

7. Loaf of Bread 20 cents

8. Kodak Movie camera $67.50

9. Ladies Stockings $1.00

10. The year I graduated from high school.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The DHS goes beyond belief-I want to puke

As a veteran that served my country,paid my taxes, married and raised a family,owned a business that helped to support 5 families,voted every year, and loves his country WHY does homeland security see a veteran as a threat?

Police are instructed to pay special attention to returning war veterans claiming they are likely to join anti-government terrorist groups or become "lone wolf extremists capable of carrying out violent attacks". The new regime's abiding contempt for the military is hardly new. This smear is calculated to keep their combat skills and associated expertise from diffusing into the general society, the warning is only incidentally directed at veterans. Depicting veterans as dangerous nut jobs—the 'likely to join terrorist groups.

Did they not bleed and die fighting terrorist groups? I just feel sick sick sick that any American would think let alone say something like that. What kind of idiots are now running(ruining) our country.

Get angry people. Get very angry. Vote every incumbant at every election out of office. Get involved, do your research, lets take our country back. Political correctness has stolen our freedom to say what we think. Bullshit-"wrong" kind of talk makes me a domestic terrorist? Tell that to me,my dad, or my son and we will kick your ass!

God bless every veteran.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

GOD BLESS TEXAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everybody needs to check out the post on Keep It Simple Survival. Governor Perry has fired the first shot. He tells it like it should be. I hope the rest of the states pay close attention.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

April 15th-Buy a gun day

It's all over the Internet-April 15Th buy a gun day. Me I figure any day is a good day to buy a gun. However lets add a few things. Like today is the day I educate a new gun owner about safety. Colonel Cooper's four rules:

1. All guns are always loaded. Even if they are not, treat them as if they are.

2. Never let the muzzle cover anything you are not willing to destroy. (For those who insist that this particular gun is unloaded, see Rule 1.)

3. Keep your finger off the trigger till your sights are on the target. This is the Golden Rule. Its violation is directly responsible for about 60 percent of inadvertent discharges.

4. Identify your target, and what is behind it. Never shoot at anything that you have not positively identified.

Next: Lets try some dry fires,breathing control, sight pictures, proper stances,strong hand holding,weak hand holding,two hand grips, flinching. Damn there seems to be a lot to this gun shit. If you are going to own one train with it dammit! Before you buy that gun join the NRA. Get to know everything there is about a weapon before the first round is fired.

Do your research. My 22 year old granddaughter is 5' and weighs 105 pounds. She can't even lift my 50 caliber rifle let alone use it. She will shoot in the 10 ring all day with her Smith & Wesson 38 special 642.

Take that new shooter to the range. No matter what their choice of weapons was that they purchased, if they never shot before let them use one of your 22's. Let him get used to the smell of gun powder, the surrounding bangs of the other lanes. Let him or her feel the thrill of that first 10 ring shot. Once the 22 is comfortable move up a caliber. That 38 is only slightly bigger. Make it enjoyable.

When done for the day take him or her home with you. Show them how to disassemble and clean the weapons. Hopefully we will have added not only a new shooter, but one who will become a safe life time shooter.

And yes tomorrow will be: My hand wrapped around my new Para PDA, and of course in .45ACP

See ya

Friday, April 3, 2009


As you probably can see I am PISSED. All gun owners say they support the second amendment. You all have more than one firearm? Have plenty of ammo? Go to the range every chance you can? Subscribe to a few gun mags? Bitch about king obamma wanting to take your guns? Well assholes how about doing something about it? That's right I said ASSHOLES! LAZY CHEAP ASSHOLES at that.

The NRA has 4 million members. 4 MILLION, but there are 100 MILLION gun owners. DID YOU HEAR ME? I SAID DID YOU HEAR ME? Do you realize the power of 100 million people.
4 million proud to be members of the NRA are doing YOUR job. It's time the rest of you get off your lazy ass and join us! WAKE up people-if is was not for the NRA your guns would have been gone now. Now is the time for action. JOIN THE NRA TODAY!!!!

If they say give up your guns & 100 million say I don't think so, what would they do then? Come on people I'm begging you please stand together! If you do nothing and I live to see my guns taken away I'll hunt every one of you down and beat your ass.

Damn I'm wired this morning-must be the 5 cups of coffee. Again JOIN THE NRA!!!!!

See ya

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Could not spend any money

Curses foiled again-What kind of gun shows have NO ammo? Add insult to injury-NO primers.
Ha Ha I don't need any-but I would have bought at least $1,000.00 worth if available. I'm glad people are waking up,and stocking up. The prices may be going up, but I'm happy to give a profit to the manufacturing companies for these products.

Firearms have gone up in price! I must have been a sleep, can't remember a Colt Python going for $1,200.00, or a 1911 for $1,500.00. Did see a few Smith & Wesson 38 specials for under $500.00 new.

I arrived about 20 minutes before the opening time on the first day only to find at least 100 people already in line. Relaxed in the truck, finished my morning coffee & cigarette. Second day was more of the same. Lots of people, and lots of buyers.

After the show my son-in-law and I stopped at one of the local gun shops, and found the prices to be very close to the show prices. Have to keep them honest you know. And no they did not have any ammo either. The next show in our area is at the end of the month-will try again.

The weekend was not a total bust. Now I still have that thousand to spend on food stock, or can put toward the well drilling. Still trying to find a local to do it near the homestead. I have a few in my area but a four hour drive one way does not interest them. One would think at least one would give me a quote. Maybe I should buy a well drilling truck, and learn a new trade. Start a new job at 68.

See ya

Friday, March 27, 2009

I think I'll help the Economy this weekend

Help the economy. Get rid of the gloom and doom-BUY SOMETHING-That is if you have any money left after paying your mortgage(and your neighbor's),your property taxes(still at the inflated rate of three years ago),buying food(and a little extra for prep),Cigarettes(don't even get me started here)Ya I smoke, and I've screwed the tax man for a while(bought 20 cartons before increase-and will grow my own now). End of mini rant.

I am lucky. I am totally debt free including mortgage. Lucky that I have worked all my life and paid everything off. Lucky to have never owned stocks. Please stop me before I start ranting again.

So I have a few bucks to spend this weekend. And guess what? There is a gun show 5 miles from where I live Saturday and Sunday. Oh what joy I am feeling. Yes I am going to help the economy by buying another gun or two. Ammo I have plenty of(of course how much is enough),we will see what I find that I cannot live without.

See Ya

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Survival Food

Could save your life-could take your life. A mama gator with babies needs a wide berth.

Survival food you don't have to store. Yes they are protected to a certain extent. However no longer endangered there is a hunting season for them.

If the shtf and I want some fresh meat guess what I'll be eating. An no it don't taste like chicken, unless you get one from an alligator farm that feed them chicken. The wild ones taste like fish.
Had my first on in 1969, been eating gator ever since.
Rattle snakes don't taste bad either unless you over cook them.
Mother nature does provide.
See Ya

Monday, March 23, 2009


In 1959 when I joined the Army I took an oath to uphold the constition of the United States of America and for what it stands for. I believed it then, and I still do.

The hour is at hand, the time is now for us as a nation to decide on which side it is that we stand. Are we to stand for truth, liberty and freedom or are we to become slaves in our own land? Our forefathers have warned us about these times and they understood the power of a government out of control, run by bankers and tyrants. They wrote the constitution and we were given the bill of rights to make us the greatest nation on earth. They gave this to us for safekeeping, to keep this great country free. The tree of liberty is in dire need of refreshing by the people of the United States of America . Our country is in peril and the clock is approaching the midnight hour. It is now the time to take the country back, it is now the time for you to decide your future. The line has been drawn and all believers in the constitution and the bill of rights need to take a stand for freedom and liberty or we will have no country left to leave to our children.

1. We will not allow weapons to be taken from us the people.

2. We will not allow the government to dictate to the people what we can grow or raise on our own lands.

3. We will not allow our country to become a total police state run by the military industrial complex.

4. We will not accept being labeled as terrorists for standing up for our rights.

5. We will not be forced to be vaccinated.

6. We will not pay a global carbon tax.

7. We will exercise our rights to free speech and religion.

8> We will not be forced into servitude under the auspices of AmeriCorps or any other governmental agency.

9. We will stand up for our rights guaranteed to us.

10. We accept an oath to uphold the constitution of the United States of America and for what it stands for.


We pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America , and to the REPUBLIC for which it stands: One nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for ALL.
This is our oath, pledged to this great country to protect her and to bring her back into righteousness. To stand united as a people, for the people and for our future. Amen.
For every person out there who loves this country and wants to be a part of bringing her back to her glory, please accept this oath and carry it in your hearts and minds always and know that you have the power to free her. It is up to each and everyone of us to take a stand for freedom now.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Great Day

Good morning to all

Got my coffee

Got my cigarettes

Got my computer

And I took a double shot of Prozac

It's going to be a great day

Just kidding about the Prozac, I have enough trouble trying to spell it, besides everybody knows drugs ain't the answer, except for the coffee & cigs.

God made this green earth in six days and rested. My kind of man. It seems today with all the problems we think we may have perhaps a day of rest would be appropriate.

Yesterday I took a different route home from the homestead, and stumbled upon a local flea market. Since my day was my own to use I decided to stop in. My lucky day. I found a gentleman selling 55 gallon food grade drums. Cost: $5.00 each. I bought the four he had left. He said he had a good day, started with fifteen, and sold all of them. Almost all buyers said they wanted them for water storage. Perhaps word is spreading.

So when I got home I cleaned them up, and filled them with fresh water with every intention to take them to the homestead this morning. After over sleeping to 7am I felt the day was half over so no since working today. Left the truck in the drive-way, jumped in the camper and headed for the Gulf Of Mexico. A nice looking park on a barrier island. On the north side of the island is the pass connecting to the inter coastal water way. A great place to just set and watch the boats. So that's what I did. Took a lawn chair, and a cold Pepsi, and watched the boats.

No remorse, no guilt, I told you it was going to be a great day.

See Ya

Friday, March 20, 2009

Thinking-Sometimes hurts-Why do I do it?

Will I have time to finish preparing? Should I worry about it? How do I convince my children? Will any of us survive? Is the silent majority the last to remember the great depression? Are we the last generation willing to fight? Is there enough of us? Does the younger generations even know how or willing to learn?

My children were raised knowing how to grow food, can it, dry it, and store it. They learned how to hunt, fish, camp, and the proper use of fire-arms. What the hell happened? They don't use non of that knowledge today. My daughter's idea of "camping" is to take their 5er to a RV Resort that has a pool, hot tub, wfi, and a grocery store on site. When I said I would clear a site for them on my homestead they said why? Well I'll have one there for them, just hope they can get to it on time. I sometimes feel like I'm just burning brain cells. So instead of thinking I'll go back to working-gets more stuff done that way.

On a brighter note for all you "old" gentlemen wishing to use all natural when possible: A story on the inter-net today. In an upscale Whole Food Store in Oklahoma They found a Brazilan(possible) spider in the bananas. This spider's bite could possibly kill you but has a side effect of giving you an erection. In their country that's how they know a Brazilan spider bite you when you go to the hospital. Wonder how they know if it was a woman.(damn there I go thinking again-sorry) So if you don't want to use the little blue pill go shopping at the whole food stores. I would guess you would have to be quick using the side-effect before going to the hospital.

See Ya

Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Lunch today Cuban Samash

Sometimes it's really good to practise making your own: One of my favorites

2 slices firm bread
1 to 2 teaspoons mustard
4 or 5 dill pickle rounds
2 slices boiled or baked ham
2 slices rare roast beef
2 slices smoked turkey
2 slices American cheese(white)
3 thin slices Swiss cheese
1/2 garlic clove
1/2 tablespoon mayonnaise
1 large egg
2 tablespoons whole milk
1 tablespoon unsalted butter

Spread 1 slice of bread with mustard and top with pickles, meats, and cheese. Mince and mash garlic to a paste with a pinch of salt, then mix with mayonnaise. Spread on remaining slice of bread and assemble sandwich.
Beat together egg, milk, and 1/8 teaspoon each of salt and pepper, then soak sandwich in egg mixture.
Melt butter in a heavy medium skillet(cast iron) over medium-low heat. Cook sandwich, uncovered, until underside is well browned, about 4 minutes. Flip and cook remaining side, covered, until well browned, 3 to 4 minutes. Remove from heat and let stand, covered, 1 minute.
If you like it flat weigh the second side as it cooks. Either way-good samash. Almost as good as Bacon and eggs over the campfire-almost.

See ya

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Financial Crisis From an Alcoholic

Pretty good explanation of the financial crisis" Betty is the proprietor of a bar in Alabama. In order to increase sales, she decides to allow her loyal customers - most of whom are unemployed alcoholics - to drink now but pay later. She keeps track of the drinks consumed on a ledger (thereby granting the customers loans).Word gets around and as a result increasing numbers of customers flood into Betty’s bar.Taking advantage of her customers’ freedom from immediate payment constraints, Betty increases her prices for wine and beer, the most consumed beverages. Profits rise.(Betty's kids will go to college)

Her sales volume increases massively.A young and dynamic customer service consultant at the local bank recognizes these customer debts as valuable future assets and increases Betty’s borrowing limit. Betty sees this as a great way to expand.He sees no reason for undue concern since he has the debts of the alcoholics as collateral. At the bank’s corporate headquarters, expert bankers transform these customer assets into DRINK-BONDS, ALKY-BONDS and PORCELAIN GODDESS-BONDS.

These securities are then traded on markets worldwide. No one really understands what these abbreviations mean and how the securities are guaranteed. Nevertheless, as their prices continuously climb, the securities become top-selling items.One day, although the prices are still climbing, a risk manager (What the hell is this-he thinks something smells? What a guy) of the bank decides that the time has come to demand payment of the debts incurred by the drinkers at Betty’s bar.

However they cannot pay back the debts.Betty cannot fulfill her loan obligations and claims bankruptcy.DRINK-BOND and ALKY-BOND drop in price by 99%. PORCELAIN GODDESS-BOND performs better, stabilizing in price after dropping by 90 %.

The suppliers of Betty’s bar, having granted her generous payment due dates and having invested in the securities are faced with a new situation. Her wine supplier claims bankruptcy, her beer supplier is taken over by a competitor.The bank is saved by the Government following dramatic round-the-clock consultations by leaders from the governing political parties.The funds required for this purpose are obtained by a tax levied on the non-drinkers,paying customers of other bars,cigarette's,phone service,electric services,road tolls,and increased traffic citations.

Betty opens a new bar with a grant from the stimulus package for a study of why people become alcoholic's.

Finally an explanation I understand…" I think I need another beer.(just put it on my tab)

As a previous business man my motto was "Never let a customer owe you more than you can afford to lose" , AND NEVER BORROW FROM A BANK.Worked for me for 45 years.

Maybe when the smoke clears and we can start over I'll open another business on a "cash" only basis-What a novel idea. Just kidding. I'll be on the homestead trying to survive.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Senator Grassley

Senator Grassley's quote to the AIG executives receiving bonus's: Quit or commit suicide" I would not give them the first option.

Enough said. Need to go back to prepping.

See ya

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Why Do I Feel Guilty?


adj. guilt·i·er, guilt·i·est
1. Responsible for or chargeable with a reprehensible act; deserving of blame; culpable: guilty of cheating; the guilty party.
2. Law Adjudged to have committed a crime.
3. Suffering from or prompted by a sense of guilt: a guilty conscience.
4. Hinting at or entailing guilt: a guilty smirk; a guilty secret. See Synonyms at blameworthy.

Having arrived back to civilization this afternoon I have a feeling of guilt. I'm sure it will go away after the shop is auctioned off. To see a facility capable of supporting at least five families setting idle goes against my nature. Man was designed to work, to be a producer, a provider for his family, an upstanding member of his community.

I wish I knew the answers to take my country back. Has humanity lost ALL reason and responsibility? Do our leaders actually think they are doing the right things? Trying to control a free man is like bull riding: You might last a few seconds then that bull throws you off and tries to stomp your ass. To my leaders: There are still some of us that would like to stomp your ass.

So we prep-and perhaps after the smoke clears there will be enough of us left to start the re-building of free America. If not then the quote "Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death" will once again ring in America.

This is all the gloom and doom you will hear from me. From now on all my energy will be toward my homestead. Damn the torpedo's full speed ahead. God maybe I need more caffeine, and another cigarette.

See Ya

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Why Did They Not Listen?

Alone in the woods you can set, and let your mind wander. If you have lived for any number of years you can let your mind wander quite a bit. If you think you have lived to long you may wonder if you have a mind. lol

Remembering your childhood, your first car, your first girl-friend, your best friend, graduation day from high school. The day you left to join the Army. Your marriage, your first house,your first child,your first job after the Army, your first raise, and the list goes on. Those were all good times for my generation. Why-because our parents were wise. They had no choice but to live with the income they made. My parents gave me good advice when I got married: Buy a house immediately, and pay it off as fast as you can no matter what. If you can't pay cash for it don't buy it. I followed that advice for the first 20 years of our marriage. Everything we owned was free and clear. When I started my own business I did the same thing. I bought used equipment for cash, and upgraded when the business could pay for it. Tough times, long hours, and another 20 years to be a success.

My children were raised to know the value of a dollar, and the proper work ethic, and I AM proud that they at least retained half of it. The work ethic part. Then they discovered EASY CREDIT. I tried to warn them-I told them the banks are not your friends. They produce nothing and charge loan shark interest rates. Would you take a 20% pay cut to work? They both told me that they could afford it, and they were making enough money to get what they wanted NOW.
Well NOW just came back to bite them in the ass. Their credit cards all raised the rates to the limit, and "Holy Shit my payment is how much"? WHY DID THEY NOT LISTEN?

My hero John Wayne said it best: Life's tough........It's even tougher if you are stupid.

If tshtf and they lose everything they are welcome to live with me, and I'll feed them, but they will live in the woods, and work in the garden, and carry their own weight. I thank my parents every day for the advice they gave me, and that I listened. No Mortgage-no bills-no credit:Priceless

Back to the woods.

See Ya

Friday, March 13, 2009

I'm a Dinosaur

They dragged me kicking and screaming into the 20th century. Only because I had a business. First was the computer. Needing to stay up with the competition my manual mills were not capable of the production needed. So enter the Numerical Controlled Vertical Maching Center. A very fancy very high priced mill with no handles. Now in order for this machine to function one needed to input a fancy "G" Code to make parts. I have always enjoyed improving my education so learned all that was necessary to run this type of equipment. Much to my surprise this type of equipment spawned three new jobs. First you had a "Programmer"(book learner) that provided the program for the machine. Second you had a set-up man. He was responsible for all the tools needed to run the program, and setting them up in the machine, and running a test part. Finally third the machine operator, who was normally un-skilled who put the part in the machine,hit the green button, and when the machine finished it's cycle took the part out, and just repeated everything again. Piss poor way of doing things. As a toolmaker trained in the alley shops of old where you needed to know how to do it all-proper feeds and speeds came from experience, not the book. So to make a long story short I cross trained my toolmakers on the mill with no handles. Programs ran faster,tools were changed before they broke, some secondary operations were performed off the machine during the normal run time. So don't mess with a dinosaur.

Next of course came the fax machine. Customers can now wait for the last minute to place purchase orders and put the pressure on the vendor.

Then came the cell phone-now they can contact your ass in the restaurant while you are trying to eat lunch.

That's all ending now since I have decided to quit the business. Can I live without all the modern electronics available? Well lets see: I will keep the computer for now. I now have many friends whose blogs I would miss. Could I do without it-yes I could. There is always a library to use. Next comes the cell phone. Mine is a 1986 StarTac Motorola whose soul function is for me to use when I wish to call somebody. It has no other functions. It doesn't even have caller id. I have a grandfathered plan that costs me $9.00 a month with 500 minutes. I have never gone over my minutes. I have no home phone.I know when it fails I'll be forced into a new one with all the gadgets I'll never need, and a very expensive "new" plan. I guess I'll give more thought to that when it happens. Pay phones are hard to find today.

So by the looks of it two items of the modern electrical world will be kept by this dinosaur.

Time to head for the woods, and peace of mind.

See Ya