Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Work Work Work What a way to start the day. Would you rather beinging doing something else?(Stupid question).

Since I am a child of the 50's work has always been fun for me. I enjoy getting up early and going to work. Getting rich was never one of my true desires. The pleasure of creating something from scratch that will out live you gives me great pleasure.

I have always told my children find work you truely love and learn to "Live" with the income it provides. I was lucky. I found mine at a very early age and have still enjoy it today 46 years later.

So now it is time for a change. Following that thought-What change? Well I have hunted, and fished, and camped all my life.

GOAL #1.
So now I believe I wish to catch a fish in every State of this great land of ours.

But wait you say:

What about your house? Sell it (started-auction will be 1/13/2009)

All your "Stuff"? Sell it (started)

Where to live? 2004 Roadtrek Pop 190 (Bought new-thinking ahead? Nope always like camping every weekend) Will now be my new home on wheels

Money? Live with-in-my means-SSI and proceeds from the house. It also helps to be totally debt free including no mortage payment so all sale proceeds are mine.

Progress being made on all fronts: LIFE IS GOOD.

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