Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Changes to make for 2009:

1. Get rid of all left over 2008 debt. (Currently $2,900.00 on two credit cards)

2. Start selling all un-needed "stuff" (Put up at least one auction a day on E-bay) If not sold after auction ends-try Craight's list-if not sold there-donate it-in other words get rid of it!

3. Spend "Cash" only-except for gas purchases (hate to go inside to pay, plus credit card gives 5% back on all purchases.)

4. Try for as many "no spend" days as possible.

5. Continue saving all $1.00 bills, and when they reach $100.00 send to Ing savings account.

6. Account for every cent spent.(Going to be tough, but I will try)

I will up-date at the end of every week to track my progress.

Come on 2009-The start to My Road to Freed-Getter Done

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